Juice Cubes
Juice Cubes
Juice Cubes
Game Juice Cubes compatible with LG Optimus Black on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for LG Optimus Black (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Juice CubesRovio Stars Ltd.
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5 000 000 — 10 000 000
Release date: 23 May 2013 Updated: 09 Apr 2014 Version: 1.18.05 Size: 27 Mb


The juiciest arcade game
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Juice Cubes - juicy arcade game for Android from the genre of three in a row in which we have to deal with bright tasty fruits. Grapes, coconut, apple, banana, orange and strawberries - they are all so eager to get to the juicy your cocktail!
We have surveyed another very sweet and exciting game from this studio called Tiny Thief . And waited, of course, a little bit more from this arcade. Although it is difficult to compare the arcade and puzzle. But in the puzzle of this studio was quite a lot of new and fresh, so it is highly recommended reading for all who have not yet done!


So, we have a real tropical archipelago, around which a lot of fruit and filled with fabulous characters islands. On the screen we see the ice field that you want to connect on their mind. As always, the combination of the longer, the more points. On top of the counter is our victory, and icons with bonuses that can be used for more successful and rapid passage level - a change of type of dice, the destruction from the board of one type of cubes, fruit dynamite and so on. As always, the need for the game of life, as well as gold, on which you can purchase these most cherished life.
Passing level after level, you will travel to various islands and discover incredible new characters such as witches, mermaids, pirates and so on. When making spectacular combos occur over a dynamic explosions, the so-called fruit bombs that are clearing the playing field in an instant. On the most difficult levels will have to use amulets and gain, which can be purchased for in-game currency. And, believe me, without them you will be really difficult to cope with, so save up and earn gold at a maximum at every level. Especially interesting to compete with your friends, so do not miss this opportunity.

Features Juice Cubes for Android:

  • Juicy and bright graphics in the style of the tropics;
  • More than 180 fun levels;
  • The three-star grading system;
  • Colorful combos and explosive special effects;
  • Making gold and lives;
  • A lot of amulets, gains and bonuses;
  • Total and local leaderboards.
Once again, we return to the subject of quite a shareware games that lately so frequently and fiercely used by many developers. And in this case they can be called a true cormorants. Not only is life wait until restored and allowed to accumulate in order to play quietly, so still and the map does not appear all at once. So all of these expectations and long pauses just not going to benefit and expose the company is not at its best.


Juice Cubes - a fun game for Android, which can hardly be written in the puzzle, as the gameplay is more conducive to relaxation and relaxation, than enhanced brain activity. The game carries a good idea, lets you seamlessly to kill time and distract from everyday life because of the bright and cheerful decor. You slicing juicy fruit in a blender for a cocktail!
The application Juice Cubes is compatible with LG Optimus Black.


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