Program Vine compatible with LG Nexus 4 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for LG Nexus 4 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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VineVine Labs, Inc.
(360 761)
10 000 000 — 50 000 000
Release date: 05 Jun 2013 Updated: 22 Apr 2014 Version: Version and the size depend on your device


Social network with short looped videos
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Vine - Free popular network for the exchange of short video clips lasting just seven seconds, with original and often very funny or beautiful content for Android.
Initially, this social network sharing videos was available only on iPhone. But now, oh joy, a favorite with all service became available on Android.
In the main menu, there is functional division into four main sections: Editor's Choice, a popular, all the other columns at once, and the unit of categories on the hashtag. Among the categories you will find here such as "magic", "cutie", "about me", "remake", "how" and so on.
Among the options the user can set your avatar, your name, location, all existing contacts and to make a postscript about yourself in a few words. Here, in the box with the settings under the name "profile" allows searching for people, but also shows your folovery and those people to whom you have signed, of course.
In the menu called "activity" will display all of your actions, as well as events such as the set you huskies, adding foloverov and so on.

Vine Features for Android:

  • Pleasant and intuitive interface;
  • Ability to create and edit original video consisting of small cuts;
  • Quickly and easily lay out for everyone to see;
  • The opportunity to get a lot of likes and get to the Editor's Choice;
  • Communicate with other users and comment on other people's movies;
  • Search for relevant and interesting to you categories, as well as the commercials, the highest number of views and likes;
  • Ability sneaky its masterpieces in Twitter and Facebook are.
Now the drawbacks, of course. It would be very appropriate to add here a few new variety of settings that are clearly not enough for the entire social network. For example, it would be nice to be able to edit your videos to a variety of effects and background music. Also, in the use of long pauses were seen at boot lags when loading updates, and braking as a whole. In this respect, it looks pretty raw.
It should be noted that for a long time among users is a common and firm opinion that it is appropriate in this case would include the loading of each video the old fashioned way, by simply pressing a finger. And while the automatic download of all movies at once on a page at the opening of each category gives the apparently too great a strain that the network simply can not cope.
Summary. Vine - a rapidly growing and gaining popularity day by day, a social network for Android with an emphasis on short video clips, most of them have an original and funny. After adding more features and settings, and fixes minor slowdowns, this application has all the potential to become one of the most popular and widely used, so given the considerable coverage of the territory of the original social network.
The application Vine is compatible with LG Nexus 4.


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Can't use webcam on anything but skype on my asus tf300t. Any help out there?Reply
The back cam does not work on my gti9500 galaxy uggReply
vine does t work31 Jul 2013, 01:22 0
I.cant film with my razr xt890... vine app is very bad for my device.. i have icsReply
samsung galaxy s advance 19 Jul 2013, 15:53 0
it doesn't work.. fuck these bitches ;(Reply
Xperia Go user14 Jul 2013, 06:26 0
i doesn't work on installing in my phone :(Reply
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 user08 Jul 2013, 16:47 0
Cant download.Reply
Samsun S Advance User 26 Jun 2013, 23:59 0
I can't download it and my phone is brand newReply
using on a xperia play flashed with Ics 4.0.1
The video preview while you are filming does not work It just freezes. But the capture works fine. So you can film but not see what you are filming.
This doesn't work for versions below 4.0 - which SUCKS, FFS my phone isn't exactly out of date either, it is relatively new but of course it wouldn't be available for other Android users would it?!Reply
Wrong it doesn't work on android version 2.3.5Reply