Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade
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Game Cartoon Wars: Blade compatible with Lenovo IdeaPhone P700i on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Lenovo IdeaPhone P700i (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Cartoon Wars: BladeGAMEVIL Inc.
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1 000 000 — 5 000 000
: 07 Feb 2013 Updated: 15 Nov 2013 Version: 1.0.6 Size: 28 Mb


Dynamic action in a drawing world
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Cartoon Wars: Blade - is the continuation of the famous series of action games for Android drawing of man, fluff with hordes of monsters. Special story in the game, but here it did not need, as importantly, what impresses the game - is non-stop action, lots of weapons and super attacks.
Engaged in developing a game studio GAMEVIL, whom we know from such masterpieces as Zenonia 5 , Epic Raiders and dozens of other popular games. Cartoon Wars series itself has about five variations, each of which represents a different genre of games.


This game will be a key element of a melee weapon. We'll pump our character, to pass multiple levels, go down to the dungeon, and, of course, to buy clothes and weapons.
A total of Cartoon Wars: Blade present three types of weapons: short, long and light. Short arms - a variety of swords, knives, hammers, and more, to the long weapons include spears, two-handed swords, pitchforks, etc. In the list of small arms can be found as bows, crossbows, and automatic machine guns. Each weapon in the game has its own physics and animation attack. In addition, some weapons also gives us a super attacks.
Control of the game is very simple and responsive. On the left is a virtual joystick to move, and the right is a blue two-position button to attack. If we drag the blue button to the right, then the character will cause an attack to the right, and vice versa.
Virtually all of the levels in the game are very similar to each other and differ only in a set of enemies. The enemies in the game quite intelligent, able to dodge, run back and go from the back. In the process of killing enemies, we will gain experience points and energy. As soon as the energy reaches a maximum, we can activate the small arms, pressing the button in the upper left corner. Operate small arms will be only a few seconds, but it's enough to kill all the enemies.

Features Cartoon Wars: Blade for Android:

  • A simple and colorful graphics;
  • Three classes of weapons;
  • Huge selection of weapons in each class;
  • The unique features of weapons and the possibility of improvement;
  • For each weapon has its own animation fight;
  • Dynamic contractions;
  • A huge variety of levels of battle;
  • Hiking in the dungeon;
  • Bleeding and equipment of the protagonist.
The disadvantages of the game include the presence of donation, but here it is far from optional, easy to play money stuffed in the dungeons. Disappointing lack of even a small plot line, the more we know that GAMEVIL is well able to do it.
Summary. Cartoon Wars: Blade - a fascinating dynamic shooter for Android, which will please all fans waving swords, axes and swords. The game is perfect for short game sessions in the subway line, bus, and so on.
The application Cartoon Wars: Blade is compatible with Lenovo IdeaPhone P700i.


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