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Program UC Browser compatible with Lenovo A3000 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for tablet Lenovo A3000 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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UC BrowserUCWeb Inc.
10 000 000 — 50 000 000
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Fast and user-friendly Android browser
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
UC Browser - this is one of the oldest browsers to operating systems. Initially, he was born in Java, then moved on and got to the Symbian Windows Mobile. All of these platforms have already outlived his time, but not the browser. At the moment, it is one of the most popular browsers for Android, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. This program is very different from its counterparts and has a number of interesting features, which we now discuss.
Home UC Browser is made in a modern style and has the eight tabs for quick access, where you can add your favorite sites. Also, a drop-down at the top of the page tab to popular sites that are most visited Russian resources.

The main advantages of UC Browser

If the major competitors in the face of Firefox and Chrome put more effort into your desktop browser, the UC Browser was built and designed originally as a cell phone. Developers can say the dog ate on this matter, and the two main features here - it's speed and control gestures.
The browser, like Opera , supports automatic compression of data on a remote server. In this case, the smartphone is sent Pinched static page that is loaded twice, or three times faster. Even by eye, without exact test, it is noticeable that the UC Browser page opens much faster than Chrome .
I deliberately ran in turn sites like Google, Yandex, Youtube. In all three cases, our browser loads a page to a finished state much faster.
What wins in UC Browser with the first click, so it's well thought-out management and application of multi-touch gestures. It is very strange that other developers before and had not, and where they are used, it is done very badly.
For example, to create a new tab, you must flip the screen with two fingers down, you sort of pull a new tab, like a card from a hidden sleeve. To close a tab, simply brush off two fingers up. In both cases, a beautiful animation, and you understand exactly what is happening on the screen.
To switch between tabs can be done with two fingers left or right, and the tabs are reduced to thumbnail size, and we slowly flip through the horizontal to the desired site to us.
Also in UC Browser can be found embedded news manager, voice assistant (only works with English teams) and a convenient storage history and bookmarks. I'm not going to say that if you go to settings, there you can find a huge list of useful features, such as pop-up blocker and counter trafficking.


UC Browser - this is an excellent replacement for the standard web browser for Android and a worthy competitor to the browser of the big three. Of course, this does not as popular as its counterparts, but it is not because it is worse, but rather due to the lack of large cash infusions. Only, in my view, a significant drawback - it's almost complete lack of Russian.
The application UC Browser is compatible with Lenovo A3000.


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amit anand07 Apr 2014, 22:08 0
Superb browserReply
Sabaz azmi05 Apr 2014, 10:35 0
Kya ho rha hiReply
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Amit bahuguna20 Nov 2013, 13:38 0
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Gagan deep maurya22 Sep 2013, 11:23 0
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0181889065820 Sep 2013, 20:59 0
very good apps. like it.....Reply
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virendra 04 Sep 2013, 16:12 0
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mansoor ansari tonk23 Aug 2013, 17:57 0
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pradeep nagar22 Aug 2013, 12:11 0
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Shailendra dwivedi21 Aug 2013, 08:26 0
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sunil kamble20 Aug 2013, 13:12 0
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Sana Ullah17 Aug 2013, 21:57 0
UC is simply an amazing and awesome browser...Reply
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gopal waghmare15 Aug 2013, 12:39 0
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Ravi Yadav10 Aug 2013, 07:32 0
UC Browser Me Downloding Slow HaiReply
jitendra kumar09 Aug 2013, 12:13 0
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Karan Singh Yadav29 Jul 2013, 08:37 0
World,s No.1Fastest Uc browserReply
Nikku pandey purnea india27 Jul 2013, 20:21 0
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pakistani shabab23 Jul 2013, 00:44 0
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Amber singh( Varansi)20 Jul 2013, 18:02 0
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Amresh kumar19 Jul 2013, 05:19 0
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nice apps,so far17 Jul 2013, 19:28 0
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irfan bakdim10 Jul 2013, 00:37 0
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farooq sheikh06 Jul 2013, 13:44 0
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Rax.whavesx02 Jul 2013, 18:55 0
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manish aashiqui30 Jun 2013, 20:50 0
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Vijay patel03 Jun 2013, 16:08 0
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