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Dead City
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Game Dead City compatible with Huawei G610 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Huawei G610 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Another shooter with zombies
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Dead City - it is a strong and swift action for Android, where we will play as a soldier in the harsh dismissal, which in the world of the apocalypse is forced to take up arms.
Development of the game is well-known to us Korean studio Com2US, which produced a lot of interesting and memorable games, like Swing Shot and Inotia 4 . In terms of playing style Dead City is a bit unusual for a Korean studio, since the main character here is more reminiscent of Russian criminal.


We expect from this game leisurely and meditative action to search for weapons, long walk on the intricate levels of both, but not this. Here, from the first level, we dug a car into a crowd of zombies, break a few tanks of fuel and a fierce shriek tore out of the car, then quickly run forward to the next safe point.
In fact, the passage of a level no more than two minutes, during which we will have time to kill zombies around 50-100. Control of the game by using two virtual joysticks, one for movement and one for shooting. We can also switch while running to a different weapon and pick up various bonuses.
Is a bit slow or miss a few zombies, we will immediately be eaten. In Dead City no favors, three hits, two bites, and all levels failed. The game is divided into days of survival, each of which brings a new trial. Sometimes geimpley pleasantly diluted levels where we can ride in a car, knocking the walking dead in its path.

Features Dead City for Android:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • The high speed of the game and the need to respond quickly to events;
  • Large selection of weapons;
  • Bleeding the features of the character, as well as weapons and armor up to 10-20 times;
  • Additional levels of driving a car;
  • Colorful main characters.
The disadvantages include the games of the general confusion and rather low quality graphics, animation and interface. This is not because we say that the game looks bad, but because we know that the studio Com2US can make games a lot better.
Summary. Dead City - a fun and dynamic action game for Android, which is, without doubt, lovers of zombie theme, but if you are looking for something pokachestvennee, you can pay attention to Zombiewood from Gameloft, that's really where fantasy played out with the developers.
The application Dead City is compatible with Huawei G610.


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