360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
360 Mobile Security
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Program 360 Mobile Security compatible with Huawei Ascend Y511 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Huawei Ascend Y511 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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360 Mobile SecurityQihu 360 Software Co., LTD(QIHU)
10 000 000 — 50 000 000
Updated: 31 Mar 2014 Version: 1.7.5 Size: 7.0 Mb


Antivirus module featuring helpful utilities
Reviewed by: Aleksei Chernikov
360 Mobile Security - this handy app for Android, which combines antivirus and handy utility to remove background applications of processes. You need to install anti-virus on mobile devices is the subject of debate for a long time. When creating an application developers have used this factor, and offered users a compact and simple application that besides integrated protection device is equipped with useful additions.
Application development company took Qihu 360 Software. It should be noted that the product is a mobile interpretation full antivirus software for computer platforms. Slogan Product «Forever Free» - programs are completely free for both the computer and mobile operating systems.

Interface and capabilities

Annex welcomes the user a small presentation describing the features of the program. Here, in an accessible form explains why the function will be useful. After the words straight to the point - by pressing with the words "Be protected!" Application will offer to make a quick scan of the device. This function will hereinafter also available in the main panel. Here, apart from a quick scan activation key, is information on the relevance of anti-virus databases, the overall security status and the date of the last scan.
Besides a quick scan is also available complete scan device. For the user, these two operations differ only in length - complete scan last a little longer. After scanning all the problems found are sorted by type and are available for elimination. Besides protection, as mentioned above, and other features are available. The application allows you to clean the system of processes by removing background tasks. Also in the control panel app there is a tab "Block calls and SMS», where you can adjust the black list of numbers to protect themselves from unwanted calls and mailings.
A separate feature of the application is the so-called floating window. It is a small label that is active in any application. By clicking the icon pops panel components which can be configured in the application menu. Same here is the cleaning function of RAM. In addition, the panel includes various labels quick launch features - including Wi-Fi, the transition to silent mode, brightness and so on. It is worth noting another fun feature called "Cleaning bumpy" - it allows you to clear the background processes by shaking the device.

Features 360 Mobile Security for Android:

  • Protection device in real time;
  • Two kinds of scanning with subsequent removal of viruses;
  • Addressing different vulnerabilities;
  • Rapid purification system from background processes;
  • Utility for quick access to key features of the device.
The application is completely free, has no advertising and does not imply any paid add-ons. It may seem that all these supplements - too much for anti-virus, but all utilities can be disabled, leaving only the basic functions. At the same time, the icon in the system tray will always remind that antivirus works. There is also a downside is attributed voracity application with respect to energy.


360 Mobile Security - it is an excellent anti-virus, which unlike analogs comes with a set of useful utilities. You can choose to disable all add-ons and make the application is non-intrusive, which will scan the downloadable content, and to report the threats. As for the protective qualities, the authoritative laboratory AV-TEST puts antivirus on one level with pay analogues McAfee and Kaspersky .
The application 360 Mobile Security is compatible with Huawei Ascend Y511.


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