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Schedule Deluxe
Schedule Deluxe
Schedule Deluxe
Schedule Deluxe
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Program Schedule Deluxe compatible with HTC First on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for HTC First (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Schedule DeluxeTobias Schurg
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Updated: 26 Nov 2013 Version: 3.5.1 Size: 2.9 Mb


Schedule for students
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
Schedule Deluxe - this is a great program that is very useful to many owners soon Android-devices. With it, you can create a schedule, tests and examinations. In order to use this application, you will have only one time to populate the list of items and specify the duration of employment.


Each of the items can be painted in a color that will allow you to navigate in the schedule with a quick glance. Scheduling itself is a relatively simple and in some cases even a fascinating process. Only need to select the day of the week, the time at which the bell rings for class, and the name of the lesson.


The paid and free version of Schedule DeluxeThe program comes in two versions. Free will not even bore you with advertising, but it is possible to set only one widget size 1x4. In the paid version you will be available when the main widget 2x4, extra widgets for different schedules, auto shut off the alarm, the survey estimates, schedule holidays and the opportunity to share the schedule with their classmates via bluetooth, MMS and email.
The application Schedule Deluxe is compatible with HTC First.


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