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Game FIFA 14 compatible with HTC Explorer on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for HTC Explorer (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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FIFA 14EA Mobile
10 000 000 — 50 000 000
Updated: 20 Mar 2014 Version: 1.3.4 Size: 1.3 Gb


Renewed football simulator by EA Sports
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Quality physics
In-app purchases
FIFA 14 - This long-awaited continuation of football simulator for Android, released by the studio EA Sports. Realistic football games, favorite teams, popular players of the Champions League, it's all there.
Engaged in developing the game studio EA Games, which we know well for such popular games such as Real Racing 3 and NFS Most Wanted. Typically, the company produces each year a new part of his famous simulator FIFA, but for some reason the developers missed one year and followed FIFA 12 FIFA 14 comes out at once.
The game has become even more beautiful graphics is as close to the same as it was on the computers 5-6 years ago. Finally, players can be easily recognized by their faces or number on the jersey.


The main innovation of FIFA 14 was the innovative control through gestures. Now, to control the players, you can use only one finger. Click on the player's sway in the right place and he runs to it, press pass for the player who needs to pass. And to make a hit, just do a sharp gesture in the desired direction.
Do not be scared, developers have left to enjoy the classic control with a virtual joystick and buttons, but for those who are in a football game is not played, the new management may seem more convenient.
Football fans will appreciate the presence of 600 teams, 16,000 players and 33 leagues. Interesting content and information in the game very much, so the cook on your device at least 1.3 GB of space for the game.

Features of FIFA 14 for Android:

  • All famous teams, players and leagues;
  • New management through gestures and classical management;
  • High-quality HD-graphics;
  • The varied soundtrack;
  • Dynamic gameplay and high intelligence of enemies;
  • The game is translated into 14 languages.
The company has taken the same path as Real Racing 3 and FIFA 14 made free, so only you can play for free uninteresting singles matches, and for the career mode already have to pay for a full game.


FIFA 14 - is a worthy continuation of the series and the best football game for Android. If you like this genre, the game you just like it because it is in all respects superior to its predecessor.
The application FIFA 14 is compatible with HTC Explorer.
The world’s best football simulator
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
Awesome graphics, dynamic soundtrack, elaborate physics, simple controls
No significant drawbacks
FIFA 14 is a brand new game in the series of the world’s best and most famous football simulator games. Now for Android. The game lets you dive into the football world and play one of the dozens of clubs from all over the world, kick the ball around the playfield, and score as many goals as you can.
Traditionally, the game features high-quality graphics and elaborate physics that make playing unbelievably easy and engrossing. The game is controlled by swiping and all gestures resemble the actual movements a lot so that even a person who isn’t much into football will definitely like this game.
FIFA 14 lets you choose between Career and Championship modes and in the latter you will be able to play freely with any team you want. Choose the difficulty that suits you and play the most famous and skilled football players to ensure that your team is always in the top of record charts.
FIFA 14 is one of the best football simulator games for Android that has it all. It’s exciting, free, and features good graphics and simple controls. The game will be a perfect fit for all football fans or people who want to kill some time. The game has no significant drawbacks.
The application FIFA 14 is compatible with HTC Explorer.


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Which systeme should i download?Reply
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Can you provide more info on your problem? Do you receive any error message. Also, check that there's enough free space on your device as the game consumes 1.2 GB.Reply
Not workking on huaweei tab .4.0.3Reply
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.Reply
how can i download this game for my samsung s4 m919 help me plzReply
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