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Program Next Browser compatible with HTC EVO 3D on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for HTC EVO 3D (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Next BrowserGO Launcher Dev Team
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5 000 000 — 10 000 000
: 23 May 2013 Updated: 17 Jan 2014 Version: 1.16 Size: 3.8 Mb


Revolutionary browser by Go Launcher Dev
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Next Browser - this is a very convenient and high-quality browser for Android, the development of which has been well-known to many studio Go Launcher Dev Team. That we are grateful to these guys for the most popular launcher - Go Launcher Ex , as well as dozens of user-friendly applications for it.
In developing its browser creators guided primarily a real experience of use, that is, the fact that we usually do on a smartphone. That is why in terms of usability and convenience, Next Browser can safely be considered the best. Program name is chosen for a reason, perhaps, that this browser was designed and adapted for their proprietary shell Next Launcher , the review of which is on our website.

The interface and the possibility of

At first glance, a bit like a reference browser Google Chrome , at least the top panel with the general line search and recruitment addresses, as well as a button for settings and go to the list of tabs looks very similar.
Below we can see another search box on Google, as well as a set of fast for the most popular bookmarking sites. Very cool, if you start typing a search query, the screen will appear handy tips, which you can press if you close your search query.
The main screen can also turn over to the left or right. On the left side there is a user-friendly menu with the history of surfing and the list of closed tabs, which you can quickly return. The right screen is a little news aggregator for the most different subjects, which are automatically loaded from the top sources unique to each country or language.
Most of all we liked the way has been implemented navigation between tabs. You can click on the appropriate button, but it is much more convenient while surfing your finger from the left edge to the center and open the panel with tabs. This gesture looks so natural and familiar, it is unclear why this before no one has thought. We like to turn off the tab and, without looking up from the screen, start flipping a list of open tabs. In the screenshots you can see how it looks.
It is unlikely that it would be a Next Browser, if the developers have added the ability to create third-party extensions. At the moment, very few of them, but now there are some add-ons like a clipper content to Evernote and add articles to your reading list service Pocket. They are free and are installed separately through Google Play.

Features Next Browser for Android:

  • Pleasant and comfortable interface;
  • Convenient control the browser;
  • Gestures to switch between open tabs;
  • Support for extensions;
  • Quick bookmarks on the home screen;
  • Built news feeds;
  • Access to voice search;
  • Sync bookmarks across Google and Facebook.
If we talk about the shortcomings, here they simply do not. Here is a very comfortable, functional, free browser, which is ideal to replace the standard application. As for speed, here it is comparable with major competitors, there is no major breakthrough, but the inhibition observed.
Summary. Next Browser - a modern, beautiful, versatile and simple browser for Android, which is already in its first version shows a stable and fast operation, which can not but rejoice.
The application Next Browser is compatible with HTC EVO 3D.


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