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Program AnTuTu Benchmark compatible with Gigabyte GSmart Roma R2 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Gigabyte GSmart Roma R2 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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AnTuTu BenchmarkAnTuTu
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Release date: 10 Jan 2012 Updated: 11 Apr 2014 Version: 4.4 Size: 9.7 Mb


Testing your device performance
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
AnTuTu Benchmark app takes on the task of verification of smartphones and tablets in various tests, followed by scoring and entry devices to the list. That the results of this test, the most frequently cited in the review of new devices. This test is already the de-facto standard for testing new devices, which means that the database AnTuTu contains the most complete information with the results of all known Android-Gadget.

What is tested with AnTuTu Benchmark?

  • Performance RAM (Memory Perfomance);
  • Testing the central process (CPU);
  • Performance testing of the processor during floating-point operations;
  • Testing performance on 2D and 3D graphics;
  • Testing speed read and write to SD-card;
  • Measuring the speed of reading from the database.
All these data allow us to gather a pretty accurate and truthful results, which in comparison will show which device is more powerful, and at what level of performance is particularly taken device.
Using this application is very convenient to compare performance of its smartphone to the test results of the same model but from other owners. If your score is below the average, then you probably have a lot of hanging in the background of parasitic processes, or you are using a non-optimized firmware or launcher. Well, if you have the result of the above, then you can in the comments to the device to share their experiences, indicating which you are using and what version of Android launcher.
For example, test results, Samsung Galaxy Note to Android 4.0.3 with installed Go Launcher EX :
My results were much lower than the average, so I decided to take down the launcher, and put back on the default, and this is what came of it:
Performance back to the average level, with many owners of SGN manage to overclock your device to unimaginable heights and actively write in the comments, as they managed to achieve this.


AnTuTu Benchmark - a universal and generally accepted testing application smartphones. If you're wondering how effective your smartphone, and what can be done to it really speed, be it an application.
The application AnTuTu Benchmark is compatible with Gigabyte GSmart Roma R2.


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incompatible with Ainol Novo 7 Venus
sends out error message stating that "this pad is a cheat"