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SudokuJamie McDonald
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The classic puzzle game
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Sudoku - is the transfer of a classic Japanese puzzle game on the platform Android. The game is known among the people for more than a decade, while in Japan and did a few centuries. In recent years, Sudoku has become a mandatory addition to numerous newspapers, as another way to entertain the reader. And if the past is necessary for the game was a pen or pencil, but now enough to have a smartphone or tablet.
Generally, games on Sudoku app store Google Play very large number, but we have chosen to review it because of its simplicity and as close to the paper version. Here is everything you need to solve puzzles, and nothing more.


The game has a simple minimalist style interface Ice Cream Sandwich. In the main menu, we can choose three levels of difficulty, where only 40 free puzzles. For $ 1, you can open another set of levels, all in the game are about 1600 pieces. The developers of the game cost compared to a cup of coffee. Even the first 40 puzzles will last for many hours of play, even if you are a skilled player in the puzzle.
Rules of the game are quite simple. On the playing field is a number from 1 to 9. Each row and column each digit can appear only once in every little square can not be repeated two digits, then there must be a full set of numbers from 1 to 9.
On the playing field will be already entered some numbers, they are called the tips, and the higher the level of difficulty, the less the given hints. Our task - to fill all the blank cells. If there was an error, this area will be highlighted in red.

Features Sudoku for Android:

  • Simple interface;
  • 40 free sudoku;
  • More than 1600 puzzles for an additional fee;
  • Highlighting errors;
  • Availability of notes;
  • View the statistics for the games.
The most difficult part of the game Sudoku begins near the end, when everything seems to be already nearly full, and there are contradictions, because of which have to rebuild almost over. For such cases, the system marks, you press the "Notes" and put the number in the cell, but it will be displayed in the corner. This is exactly copies the behavior of players in the sudoku that put notes in the corner cells, so you do not have to erase everything.
Summary. Sudoku - it is very easy to learn and addictive puzzle game for Android, which is the best way the brain develops and expands its "memory." Among other things, the game of Sudoku helps to have a good time for an interesting pastime.
The application Sudoku is compatible with DELL Streak.


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