Hidden Object Mystery Estate
Hidden Object Mystery Estate
Hidden Object Mystery Estate
Hidden Object Mystery Estate
Hidden Object Mystery Estate
Hidden Object Mystery Estate
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Game Hidden Object Mystery Estate compatible with Coby Kyros MID7034 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for tablet Coby Kyros MID7034 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Hidden Object Mystery EstateKiwi, Inc.
1 000 000 — 5 000 000
Updated: 17 Dec 2013 Version: Version and the size depend on your device


Building and looking for items all in one
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Hidden Object Mystery Estate - a mixture of several genres, the main ones being the strategy (building) and search for items for Android. Do not let the Order of the Dragon to get valuable artifacts, traveling the world, discovering new places and helping the Secret League to protect the world from impending danger.
Your boss Amelia, pleasant and active girl, very quickly bring you into the swing of things, having spent learning the basic points in the gameplay. So, your main objective - to protect the magical artifacts that are constantly trying to use the evil intentions of the dark forces. And this time the Order of the Dragon, the symbolism of which is found at the scene, apparently planning something disgusting worldwide.


On the passage of each scene will have to spend a certain amount of energy, so in the end you can simply do not have enough to continue the game. In the first scene in Paris will be required as soon as possible to find all the items from the list at the left of the screen. It found items will help build guesses about what happened in Paris.
If you have any difficulty, simply click on the magnifying glass at the bottom left of the screen. With its help, you will point to an object that has disappeared from your attention on the picture, highlighting his circle of brighter color.
As it turned out, the League of trust only to participants with high ratings and prestige. And to enhance its prestige (which, by the way, allows you to unlock further stage), you will have to work hard, building new buildings, using gold to speed up construction and so on.

Features Hidden Object Mystery Estate for Android:

  • A lot of scenes with exotic and popular places to find items;
  • Awards for the most quick search;
  • The less time and tips, the more stars for performing tasks;
  • The tips in the form of a reference to the place of the desired object;
  • Unlocking the scenes through construction;
  • High dependence on the amount of energy that is wasted on passing scenes;
  • Earned during gameplay indicators: energy, gold (bullion and coins), prestige, silver, experience;
  • Cute, funny and active characters - assistant in your adventure;
  • Delay scene for three seconds (pause) if you are too active and indiscriminately pointed objects.
Of course, not without reason the creators did so many different currencies and other categories that need to constantly replenish and increase in the course of gameplay. You have surely come a time when it is not enough, for example, energy, or to unlock the next stage will require a dramatic increase in the prestige of this, or you simply want to buy or build something new to his estate in the league. This is where you and will wait for the notorious in-game purchases, which are given a huge selection of different devices and improvements to any taste and color.
Summary. Hidden Object Mystery Estate - multitasking and complex game for Android, which is difficult to attribute to a specific genre. Here you have to build buildings, monuments, decorate and expand its territory, to earn prestige and multi-currency, and during the search for objects in each new scene. Therefore, if you just want to play in the search for items without any problems, then this game we do not advise you - there prevails the other part, with the construction and so on.
The application Hidden Object Mystery Estate is compatible with Coby Kyros MID7034.


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