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Pet Rescue
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Release date: 04 Jun 2013 Updated: 10 Apr 2014 Version: 1.16.11 Size: 47 Mb


Protect the cute animals from evil kidnappers
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Pet Rescue Saga - colorful puzzle to save the cute animals for Android with the mass of diverse levels and tasks of different complexity. Studio developer specializes on such a plan games that are called sagas (examples Candy Crash Saga and Bubble Witch Saga ).
The main task - to rescue all the stolen animals who are languishing in limbo between the colored blocks. Only you can bring them to the exit (he is the bottom of the screen), destroying all the chains of blocks of the same color and using a variety of super bonuses. At each level, you will be supplied with a variety of tasks varying degrees of complexity, but the animals must be able to deliver without fail in each of them.


So, as in any other game of the genre of three in a row, we click on the place in which it is collected the largest number of blocks of the same color. All interconnected units are cleaned with just one click. The rest is just blocks fall down and completed a new chain. The greater the number of units at a time, you will be able to destroy, the more points you get, getting the maximum stars on every level.
Once you get a certain score on a level activated super bonus in the form of a rocket that clears you for a number of blocks. So all you have to do - just pick a number, put the rocket back and click on the green check mark to start the service. With the help of a hammer can be removed only one preventing you block, but with the help of balloons will be to destroy all the blocks of the same, as selected by hand, color.

Features Pet Rescue Saga for Android:

  • Very sweet and the right idea for the game - rescue animals from the villains;
  • Attractive colorful characters - birds, pigs, puppies, rabbits and so on;
  • Pleasant sound effects and eye pleasing picture;
  • Funny variety of super bonuses: a hammer, a ball, a rocket;
  • A variety of obstacles and barriers, cells, bombs, locks and so on;
  • A huge number of levels for endless fun with the new tasks;
  • Board for the winners of the most active and dramatic competitions with friends.
Like all good things, this game also boasts a complete free system. For additional lives, moves and power-ups will still have to pay. And for many kids is not so easy to destroy all the blocks on the first try. So, of course, many will still resort to in-game purchases.
Summary. Pet Rescue Saga - cute and colorful game of the genre, and three more in a row for Android on rescue stolen animals, which can not boast of a complete free. The game definitely fits all kiddies and teens, not only helping to kill free time, but also the teaching of love and kindness to animals. In the presence of a more than 72 exciting levels to save the poor animals.
The application Pet Rescue Saga is compatible with Barnes & Nooble NOOK Tablet.


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Thank you for the free downloadReply
i have PRS on my kindle fire…but cant seem to get the most recent version (v1.15) to work…can someone please help me…i am starting to go through PRS withdrawals…lol. any help would be much appreciated!! thanks in advance!Reply
(i reposted this question after signing in to my FB acct)Reply
Hey! Thanks for your answer. We do not answer questions via social networks and email and use the website instead.

I see what your problem is. Have you tried uninstalling the older version of the application, then use a cleaning software to erase all possible residual files, and rebooting your device? After that you should download the .apk file of the newest version of the app again (and don't forget about deleting cash files, if there are any, and downloading those that come with the latest app update), properly install that .apk file and upload cash. We hope that this will work out.

You can also try asking this question around online message boards and forums. We are sure that other users who have the same device might experienced similar problems. Let us know if have any other questions.
@ Alexander Vorobyev
Over the past 2 weeks I have posted that same question on several different blogs, forums & even a FB PRS Help page (that I'm a member of)...but I have received no responses.
YOU are the 1st & only person to respond and offer a solution!
So, THANK YOU very much, I am really grateful for your advice!
However, I am not 'tech savvy' all...and have no idea what "residual files" &/or "cash files" worries...I'm going to try & not let that stop me. I will do some research online and hopefully I can find out what they are & what I need to do.
Hopefully, I will be able to find the information that I need to get PRS working on my device.
Either way...I will let you know how it turns out!
If I run into problems, and can't get it to work, I may need to ask you for further advice/direction.
Again, my sincerest Thanks to you for taking the time to help me!
(FYI: just thought i'd let you know this... I never had a problem finding an update that would work on my KF...
that is 'until' v1.13.3 came out...I was able to download it and it works {its the one i currently have installed}...but the pets are about the size of a dot (.)..literally. then when I tried to download the latest updates..i believe they are v1.14 & 1.15 neither would work...
i could download...but when i tried to open... it would start at the 'orange screen' that has the 'king' logo...and seemed like it was going to open to the game...but always just closed and took me back to my 'apps' menu.
so when that happened, i didn't even try with the very latest v1.16...its just strange...but i 'knew' there had to be a reason)
Hey! Okay, I see and I've got a solution. Try browsing the web for an .apk file of PRS and cash (it's the installation file and other files with graphic textures and so on) of ANY version of PRS that previously worked on your phone. After downloading the .apk file and cash, download a program that's called AirDroid (it's remote device management software that you can download from our website) and upload these files to your device manually. And make sure to uninstall the newest version of PRS before doing that. This way you will have an older, but working version of PRS.

Let me know if you experience any further trouble. Hope that was helpful.
I can't download pet rescue saga on my kindle. Very frustratingReply
What exactly doesn't let you download the game? Please provide more details on your problem. In case you have downloaded the app but can't launch it, you'd need to provide us with the exact error message you received upon the app launch.Reply
What can I do to play Pet rescue saga?Reply
How do we get pet rescue????Reply
Why I can't get pet rescue sage on my kindle.what do i doReply
I cant get this game on my kindle fire upgrade this to kindle fire please thanks love this gameReply
What about Kindle? Any plans to let kindle owners access them?Reply
I have had a really hard time gettin the games i wanted . They need to be updated to the new versions like on all smart phones. I thought the samsung galaxy ace is still a smart phone and so should have the same versions as all new smart phones. These versions for bubble witch saga and candy crush saga are not very good to rate them.Reply