Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
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Game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for tablet Amazon Kindle Fire (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Star Wars: Tiny Death StarLucasArts
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: 07 Oct 2013 Updated: 17 Mar 2014 Version: 1.4.1 Size: 49 Mb


Economic strategy in the Star Wars world
Reviewed by: Sergei Furman
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - it is a cost-based strategy game for Android, which intertwined plot twists franchise "Star Wars" and the basic canons of administrative activity. On your personal responsibility will be building a new, more powerful Death Star. You supervise commercial facilities and serve customers, which brings a lot of money and Darth company.
LucasArts studio took part in the development of the project, because all the characters have a unique look and brand charisma. Pixel art is very rationally fit into the overall style. Do not wait colorful special effects, pleasure is provided by the spectacular, though not unique gameplay.


To enslave the galaxy need money and earn them exactly what you will. The Emperor and Darth Vader - your personal commanders outstanding job for the job. In fact before us economic strategy, which takes effect in the universe created by George Lucas.
Mechanics of the game a little more than a cult completely copies Tiny Tower. The main task - to create, expand and improve the infrastructure of the Death Star. One level (aka floor) has one specific purpose. For example, some have employees, there are other entertainment options. Building a new level takes earned credits, but brings a lot more in the future.
On each floor of the building will take some time. And Tiny Death Star does not have to be in active mode. Besides earning a passive visitors, you can manually deliver intergalactic customers desired floor, for which he received several gold. Each of your staff - a unique personality. He has a name, personal characteristics and dream about the place of work. In general, life rages, the work goes. It is only important to properly manage all processes.

Features Star Wars Tiny Death Star for Android:

  • Original characters franchise "Star Wars";
  • More than 80 possible structures;
  • 30 unique races;
  • Atmospheric pixel graphics;
  • Endless gameplay;
  • Darth Vader.
The only downside is that many such, and did not consider it a relatively low complexity. If you can give the game enough time, things will always go up. Up to the loss of your interest in the further development of the Death Star.


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star will appeal not only to fans of "Star Wars", but all fans of strategy for Android. Dark patrons regularly supplying varied tasks, and the elevator pokatushki not give bored. In general, the passage of the scenario is easy, but does not cause negative emotions while. Ready to create your own empire? Come on!
The application Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire.


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