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Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser
Program Dolphin Browser compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire HD on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for tablet Amazon Kindle Fire HD (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Dolphin BrowserDolphin Browser
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Release date: 05 Jan 2012 Version: Зависит от устройства Size: Зависит от устройства


The most popular Android browser
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Dolphin Browser earning it the title of the most popular browser for mobile platform Android. According to various estimates, the application uses about 30 million people around the world, and it deserved first place in the number of users. In second place is Opera , and still others FireFox and Chrome . Let's try to understand what is it about him found all these people.

Comparison of Chrome, Dolphin and the default browser in the test RingMark:

Dolphin Browser appearance resembles a comfortable and familiar to us hromovskie tabs that quite fit perfectly into the overall design of the program. At every opportunity, the top menu of the address bar and tabs collapses and disappears, leaving more space for the web page. Opens a browser page with good speed, not faster, but certainly not slower than their competitors.

The main features of Dolphin Browser

All the love for this user "Dolphin" browser is buried in the details, of which there are, more than ever.
The first and very nice feature - it flourishes. That is, you give special strokes, with the image you are, the screen will open the predefined web page. It might look like. You draw a circle on the screen and fits a web address "".
Now, if you're on a page with the tab key is pressed in the lower left corner and draw a circle on the screen, then immediately open the main page of our website. The function is always very accurate and has a real advantage in everyday use.
Voice "Sonar"
The application Dolphin Browser built its own mini-Siri, who is able to understand simple commands. So, saying "Open Youtube", you will discover using the mobile version of YouTube. Also, by using voice commands, you can close the tab, go to the settings, see the list of downloads and much more.
Of course, the program does not understand the Russian team, but well recognized our language. This means that if you say "The weather in Moscow", the program will transfer you instantly for that term in Google, the first result of where you are and you will see a graphic card weather. To call voice aid, simply shake your smartphone or click on the button in the lower left corner.
Especially for Dolphin Browser has been written a lot of plug-ins that can be downloaded directly from the application. There is a fast translators, password manager, add-ons for popular applications like Evernote or Pocket , and many other add-ons, who take on the execution of useful functions.
If you are concerned for their favorites on the PC and the ability to transfer, then your excitement in vain - there are special plug-ins and even the ability to synchronize bookmarks online through a special Web-application.


Dolphin Browser - for the moment, the most functional and stable browser that you can find in Google Play. Dolphin browser is constantly refined and acquires new abilities and, to date, it looks much better than the same Chrome. Each time, launching Dolphin Browser, I find for a new and useful function. Very nice when developers are refining daily and polish your product to shine.
The application Dolphin Browser is compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire HD.


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Confused... 18 Apr 2013, 03:25 0
There is no way of accessing the settings on my HTC desire c. The soft key depicted in the screenshots does not exist... It makes this browser relatively useless.Reply