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Find the best places nearby
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Foursquare application is very difficult to describe, in a few words. This is a directory of good places and establishments near you on the map and in general in all the cities of the world. The program is 100% filled with exceptionally user photos, comments, and comments. In a sense, it is a great social network for those who want to have a good time.
Powered Foursquare, based on Google Maps and GPS-receiver in your smartphone. You register in the program, then you will immediately show all the interesting places around you, mostly cafes, restaurants, shops, gyms, etc. Each place is marked by a special point, when pressed, you can view the number, address, and photos establishments and comments of people who have been there.

Features Foursquare

Main feature applications - so-called Chekina and badges. If you come to a restaurant and he liked you much, then you can get a smart phone, including applications, and it in turn will determine your position, this restaurant and will offer "zachekinitsya" (check) that you have been here. To mark can add comments and attach photos (your meal, for example).
For each such "Chekin" you get virtual rewards "Badges" from which in reality was no use, but still nice.
The practical side of Foursquare is that you at any time can get real reviews of visitors on a particular spot. However, users usually write honestly, what they like and what is not, and very often applied photography, and this is very useful when you are choosing a restaurant or cafe. In this regard, in its information Foursqure down surpasses various reviews on the Internet and sites with reviews.
Important role is played in the Foursquare friends. Application and was developed with the expectation that all your friends will be there and will be registered in the course, where you like, and what better place to get round. It is one thing - these are comments of strangers, and another when a comment on your friends. Moreover, using this application, you can learn a lot from what they visit the place and how often, and it is worth a lot!


Naturally, Foursquare - completely free application that you can download right now with Google Play or download from our website.
The application Foursquare is compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire HD.


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