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Program Barcode Scanner compatible with Alcatel One Touch 903 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Alcatel One Touch 903 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Barcode ScannerZXing Team
(407 721)
50 000 000 — 100 000 000
Release date: 11 Nov 2011 Version: Зависит от устройства Size: Зависит от устройства


The best free scanner app for Android
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
Barcode Scanner is an easy-to-use and really helpful application for Android devices that lets you scan any barcode and then google this product to receive more detailed information about it. The app also lets you scan QR codes.
This indispensable tool was released by ZXing Team. It is a light program that features only the necessary functions that help you in your daily life irrespective of your profession and age.

Interface and capabilities

The program has a really simple interface. It uses your device camera to scan a barcode or QR code and features a viewfinder into which you will need to place the barcode. When it’s done, the software will show you the type and format of the barcode and will offer you to google information about the product. This way you will be able to read reviews on this or that item, find out more about a food item ingredients, and so on.
The app also lets you review the history where all barcodes and QR codes you’ve scanned are stored as well as share data by creating QR codes. In app settings you can manage extra features like scanning goods by country, notifications, and so on.

Key features of Barcode Scanner for Android:

  • Ability to scan barcodes irrespective of the country of origin;
  • Distributed for free and features no built-in ads;
  • Simple interface;
  • Functions really quickly;
  • Ability to share data via creating QR codes.


Barcode Scanner is an indispensable and really useful tool for Android that can help any person receive pertinent information about this or that item in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re doing shopping, traveling and doing sightseeing, or need to remember a product, this app will become your best aid.
The application Barcode Scanner is compatible with Alcatel One Touch 903.


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Pushpendra Singh09 Apr 2014, 07:53 0
It won't work on my mobile micromax canvas A114, android version 4.2.2.
Need your help to use this app..............
What exactly doesn't work? Can you specify more details about your problem? Thank you.Reply
Awesome little app. Are there any plans to be able to import the data to a document? EX: if I scan a DVD barcode in the future will I be able to import the data to my movie collection database? Even if it was just text data so I could copy/paste it would be a great help! ThanksReply
It's a usable from youReply
hariramkoneru10 Jul 2013, 15:05 0
Hi I want to download a program, but I do not know how?Reply
I keep trying to download on my Kindle Fire HD. The first link says it's complete but when I open it, it's a different app (White Noise). The second link won't download without Google Play (unavailable on Kindle. What am I doing wrong?Reply
nothing mann chill outReply