You should try this!
You should try this!
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Date of creation: 26 Sep 2014
Number of apps:: 16
Here's a collection of apps that seemingly have nothing in common, yet all share one specific characteristic: they're all cool. Some made the list for killer graphics, some because they're killer puzzlers, others have avant-garde subject matter, or are just downright silly. Whatever the reason, all of these apps are worth checking out for one reason or other. Take a look; you never know, you might just find a rare gem.
  • Age of wind 3
    Age of wind 3
    Arrrg Matey; battle pirates or walk the plank
  • Castle of Illusion
    Castle of Illusion
    Join Mickey on a quest to save Minnie from the evil witch! FUN!
  • Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic
    Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic
    Social media GPS with advanced features safety concerns
  • Monsters Ate My Condo
    Monsters Ate My Condo
    Crazy and insane arcade for Android
  • INDY 500 Arcade Racing
    INDY 500 Arcade Racing
    One of the best racing games since my arcade days
  • Smash Hit
    Smash Hit
    Psychedelic journey to the glass world
  • First Strike 1.1
    First Strike 1.1
    Launch nuclear attacks and leave earth in ruin
  • Rival Knights
    Rival Knights
    Battle in the Medieval era
  • Plague Inc.
    Plague Inc.
    Create a plague and evolve it to the point where it kills all humanity
  • Catapult King
    Catapult King
    Destroy guard towers with a catapult
  • The Lawless
    The Lawless
    Double Barrel Smokin’ Hot App
  • Real Drift Car Racing Free
    Real Drift Car Racing Free
    One of the best drift racing games
  • Topia World Builder
    Topia World Builder
    Play god - create you own worlds and influence their evolution
  • Real Racing 3
    Real Racing 3
    The best racing game for Android is now free
  • Monument Valley
    Monument Valley
    Recursion Inspired Art
  • Doodle Planes
    Doodle Planes
    Verticle scrolling aerial combat with cool graphics