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Review AppSpace

Sergei Petrov
AppSpace - it's an interesting program, a widget for your desktop that allows you to look at access to your favorite applications from a new angle. Widget built into the program takes one whole screen and a small image of an ordinary room, where each object can be assigned application.
For example, you can assign a picture phone dialing function to bind the alarm clock, the package on the chair to add Google Play store or a link to our site. This way of organizing to relate icons Android applications with real objects from the life and quickly select the desired function. You need to call? Click on the telephone. Add events to the calendar? Here he is on the shelf. Want to listen to music? Tape recorder in front of you.

Interface and

The application interface is made in the style of a drawing funny, like the photo of the real office / room was imposed a filter Photoshop. It all looks very organic, and his fingers quickly get used to the fact that running the alarm press the desk clock, here is a return to the classic style of the 21st century.
To set the interface to on your desktop, you need to go to the list of widgets and find AppSpace, then move it to the desired screen. Further, in order to bind to the subject of a real program, you must click on the icon in the lower right corner and select the item. This opens a list of not only with all the applications, but also the possible actions (or write a letter, call a specific person, etc.), choose the right, and ready.

Features AppSpace for Android:

  • Easy installation and setup of the program;
  • Colorful design;
  • Set up to 27 applications on one screen;
  • Setting application-level associations;
  • Full-screen widget to adaptation under any resolution and display size.
The only drawback to the program at the moment - it's a small number of desktops, there are only three. And only one workspace is available free of charge, and the other two are sold at $ 1.
Summary. AppSpace - is a quality program, which gives the possibility to change quite original desktop on your Android smartphone without any major changes. We hope that with the release of new versions add support for new widgets sizes and more free pictures.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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