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Sky Whale
Sky Whale
Sky Whale
Sky Whale
Sky Whale
Sky Whale
Sky Whale
Sky Whale

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Brandon Girod
Interesting gameplay, lots of power-ups to unlock
Gameplay isn’t linear, there is no skill involved
Sky Whale for Android is an endless game that relies more on luck than skill. That’s definitely a far departure from the typical endless game, but it features a beloved Nickelodeon character and gameplay that is too simple to not get addicted to.
You play as a sky narwhale that likes to think it can fly. Your goal is to make it actually fly. You’ll do this by collecting donuts that can be used bounce higher and higher. While you’re up in the air, you’ll need to use clouds and other crazy objects to keep propelling yourself higher and higher in the air until you reach outer space. As you play through the game you’ll collect coins that can be used to unlock new things that will allow you to jump higher and higher.
Gameplay ranged anywhere from fun to frustrating, depending on how good or bad your luck is. There would be times when I just couldn’t catch a break, no matter how many things I had unlocked. Other times, I’d just watch myself jump higher and higher without any effort at all. There really is no skill involved, except knowing when to use your donuts to jump. You’ll really want to save them up as much as possible because they’re limited. You can collect them while in the air, but the target is to use them as a path to jump higher and higher.
Rewards are earned easily, but they’re not what I would consider fun. You’ll unlock things like a dollar bill, monkeys, toilets, all kinds of weird stuff, but they don’t do anything exciting other than propel you higher.
Sky Whale is a super quick game that you’ll get an endless amount of fun with. It’s the perfect game to take with you because there really is no investment.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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