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Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers
Fruit Nibblers

Review Fruit Nibblers

Brandon Girod
Brings innovative gameplay, good graphics and visuals
Doesn't depart enough from same boring formula, seems late to the game
The guys that brought you such innovative games as Angry Birds are now trying their luck in the match-three space with Nibblers for Android. Which is a bit perplexing because of how saturated the game space is. Sure, they’ll get plenty of support, but at the expense of being another “me-too” game developer studio.
This game is well put together, though, and certainly shines over a huge percentage of all the other games competing for your attention in this space. It also brings a few new innovations in gameplay mechanics and some fresh perspective on old ones, so it’s not terrible by any means.
In this game you play as a nibbler, and you’re goal isn’t to reach a top score, at least that’s not your main goal. Instead, you’re trying to take down enemy lizards by matching tiles together so new ones drop on the head of your enemies. The mechanics employed by the game here are fairly typical. You can match three or more tiles on a row or in a T- and L-shape.
This time around, matching more than three tiles will produce a nibbler, that can be used as power-ups. Some nibblers will take down a whole row while others will take down multiple. The cool thing here is that you can choose what they do. Strategy comes into play during boss fights when you’re trying to hit one giant enemy multiples times. As you’re attempting to defeat the boss, they’ll do things like add new obstacles in the level to actively defend their self.
Nibblers is a fun match-three game that would have been awesome years ago. But as it stands now, I just can’t help but feel bored any time I play a game like these. There are just so many that even newer ones that offer new mechanics can’t seem to do it for me.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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