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PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce
PAC-MAN Bounce

Review PAC-MAN Bounce

Brandon Girod
Interesting puzzle mechanics, fun gameplay, goes against the current
Levels could look more interesting, uses an energy system
Pac-Man started out his video gaming days as an arcade game, similar to what many games on mobile platforms are like now. At the time, video games were new and everything was fresh. Now PAC-MAN Bounce for Android has released and it’s just reiterated why mobile games can sometimes feel like such money grabs.
In a world where Metal Gear Solid V and The Witcher 3 exists, we’re still plagued by games trying to reach in our pockets just to grab our quarters. This Pac-Man takes some of the original game’s cues and modifies them to fit something you’d find on a more contemporary mobile game. Instead of navigating mazes, you’re swapping the direction of tiles so that Pac-Man can navigate his way to collect all of the stars in a level, avoiding ghosts, and reaching the door at the end of the level.
I’ve gotta admit, this is a fairly cool idea because most puzzle games take already existing concepts and just try to recreate them with a new skin thrown on them. This is a game that seemingly does more, but it doesn’t do what you’d expect it to. Pac-Man was an original concept at the time, so you’d think they’d go for a concept never before seen on a phone, but they don’t.
The puzzles in this game are fun to play through, and there is little direction given, so the player will usually utilize trial and error until they really get the game’s mechanics down. There were a few times where concepts weren’t explained and it lead to a bit of frustration, however.
The game’s biggest downfall is the energy system which is an insult to gamers everywhere. Any game that needlessly uses a system to limit how much they let players play their game is just a sad excuse for a game.
PAC-MAN Bounce is a far flung departure from the original game, despite the fact that the IP could really shine on a platform where arcade games rule. This one is good, but it doesn’t do it.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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