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Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down
Burn It Down

Review Burn It Down

Brandon Girod
Solid atmosphere, charming graphics, fun puzzles
Linear level design
Imagine waking up in a huge mansion, only to discover that you significant other has gone missing. She has been kidnapped, but there are few clues as to who did it or where she might have been taken to. In Burn It Down for Android, you’re tasked with finding her and discovering a truth that will change your relationship.
This is a very atmospheric adventure game with charming graphics, simple controls, and an interesting premise. But the gameplay’s repetitive nature can put a bit of a damper on its atmospheric environment and the story itself. As you navigate your way through the mansion, you’ll find many random spikes that must be navigated carefully. Sometimes you’ll need to gain a bit of speed before you can leap over the spikes, other times you’ll need to actually slow down so that you don’t accidentally jump into spikes.
The game is long, and I never really got anywhere noteworthy, and I didn’t get a chance to find out what exactly that secret was, but the game is definitely about the journey, and it is a pretty fun journey. You’re time for each section of the house you travel to, and you’ll usually not have to worry about the time limit because they’re all fairly short. Most of the puzzles revolve around navigating the house in the safest way possible, which can be difficult.
Overall, Burn It Down is a really cool game that has a lot of atmospheric gameplay that many other games like it sorely lacks. There is a legitimate premise here, despite the fact that it’s not there very often, and the controls are simple and fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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