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Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch

Review Puffle Launch

Sergei Blyudov
Puffle Launch - it's a fascinating and very unusual arcade game for Android about a little red monster, who stole all his food evil crabs, led by a huge mechanical boss. The game has a unique game mechanics and balanced set of interesting levels.
Engaged in developing a game studio Disney, which, besides shooting films and cartoons, also manages to do a very good and original games, Where `s My Water ? Besides a good example.


Produce their food is our main character with a big gun, where he will serve as the nucleus of the projectile. Wearing a cute red hat, we went in search of the main source of threat - the leader of the red crabs.
The game has many types of guns, but most of them can only shoot in one or more of the parties. More often than not, we will choose the line of fire so that our hero of one gun was in another and so on, until you get to the final goal.
Firing of the gun by means of a simple click on the screen. In addition, we can change the trajectory of pressing the buttons in the corners of the display at a time when the main character is in the air. We will need this in many situations where we can not directly reach the desired goal.
With each new level the game acquires new challenges, there are mobile guns, enemies, obstacles such as cactus and more. All this makes the game truly fascinating and rather complex, such that it would be nice to play for both adults and children.

Features Puffle Launch for Android:

  • A colorful hand-drawn graphics;
  • 60 unique levels;
  • After beating the game there will be three additional modes that will look at everything in a new light;
  • Exciting boss battles;
  • Convenient control;
  • Qualitative physics and various game mechanics.
The game contains almost no flaws, but still by the end of the game becomes apparent monotony. Here, as with Angry Birds Star Wars , a fun and exciting at first, but by the end, few passes. Thus, the game is decent, and more interesting, but if I came the second part with no new ideas, that we would not play it.
Summary. Puffle Launch - a quality arcade game for Android, which has an original idea and a decent implementation. Disney Company has once again established itself as an experienced developer of mobile games. Distributed game in two versions - a free (includes 10 levels), and pay just $ 1.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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