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Review Rop

Brandon Girod
Gorgeous aesthetic, fun puzzles, tons of levels
No rewards
Usually, when it comes to ropes and mobile games, your only option is to either cut or burn the rope. For some reason, developers just don’t want ropes to exist because they all seem to have personal vendettas against ropes. Well, #ropelivesmatter! Rop for Android is a really cool puzzle game that has you creating cools shapes with rope.
If you pretend that there is a board with pegs on it and you have the ability to tie rope around it, then you’ll be able to easily understand what this game is about. You have various points that links the rope together. Your job is to place these points on the pegs so that the rope forms whatever shape the game tells you to create.
There are a few episodes that have a ton of levels in each, and the developers are still throwing more episodes in, so the game isn’t complete yet. But the aesthetic and atmosphere are both really top notch. The game takes a very simplistic approach that suits the game’s mechanics really well. And I never got the sense that I was just grinding away at different versions of the same puzzle.
Rop is a really great mobile puzzle game that is worthy of a download. The aesthetic is really befitting of a mobile game, levels are quick to play through and give you that "just one more level" feeling, and the game doesn't try to bog you down with constantly earning rewards or other things. Though many people do find reward to be, well, rewarding. Give this game a look.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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