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Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!
Fruit Pop!

Review Fruit Pop!

Sergei Petrov
Fruit Pop! - This is a very simple puzzle game for Android, a game in which you can learn in just a few seconds, and then hold it for a whole day. The task of the game is simple - to allocate standing nearby fruit and ruthlessly destroyed!
This game combines arcade and puzzle genres. The most important thing in the game was given to the process itself, the pleasure of simple games we have not got. Developers from the studio Metamoki found a very good balance of difficulty, so the game will appeal to lovers of puzzles "three in a row", and those who prefer to Fruit Ninja .


The power is in the game by using one finger. We can select multiple fruit of the same color that are on adjacent lines, and they can be not only horizontally and vertically, and diagonally.
Our goal is to as quickly as possible given the same fruit, and then they are cut into pieces, and we get the points. Time in the game is strictly limited, only given a half minutes, but you can activate it using amplifiers.
In addition to simple selection, the playing field will get various bonuses, which can be activated by selecting and creating a chain with them. Bonus fruit can be friends with any color. Among the bonuses are present in almost classical set: big bomb, a small bomb, stop time, the extra time, the destruction of a particular color, and so on.

Features Fruit Pop! for Android:

  • Bright juicy fruit graphics;
  • Easy control - slide your finger and break;
  • A large number of bonuses;
  • The use of amplifiers;
  • Meet with friends for points;
  • The game has a maximum speed of the brain and reflexes (according to the developers).
Given the fact that the game is absolutely free, it would be foolish to suggest that the developers did not earn this. The game has an amplifier, which can be activated before the fight, facing a certain amount of coins. You can activate up to three amplifiers, and in any case, most likely, you will not be able to fill as many coins to pay back the purchase of at least one amplifier. Literally run out of gold coins by 3 round, and then you are kindly asked to buy extra is for real money.
Summary. Fruit Pop! - This is a beautifully crafted game for Android, designed for a fairly broad audience of players, both amateur arcades and puzzles. Game lures in its simplicity, but in this simplicity is beginning to annoy. If you like this game, it is recommended to look at the nearest equivalent, Bubble Mania . The game is different, but is made by the same recipe.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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