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Stick Stunt Biker
Stick Stunt Biker
Stick Stunt Biker
Stick Stunt Biker
Stick Stunt Biker
Stick Stunt Biker

Review Stick Stunt Biker

Sergei Petrov
Stick Stunt Biker - is a fun game for Android in the genre of motocross with 2D-graphics. The main focus is on the game play mechanics and realistic physics and driving behavior motorcycle. Game developing studio Djinnworks ec, the authors of numerous hit arcades. Among the best examples can find reviews on the Rope and wingsuit Stickman .
The graphics in the game though, and the two-dimensional, but rather pleasant, made in the style of a paper drawing. Even the main menu of the game is packed in a notebook, and the level looks like a pattern on the leaves.
Remarkably, even without starting arrival, you can see short track, and if you're already on it went for, there will be a record of your past races.


From the very first level of the game puts a very high standard of difficulty. It is safe to say that in Stick Stunt Biker very few levels that can be reached from the first. Usually, to overcome a mid-level takes 5-10 attempts, and sometimes more.
Bike control in the game is quite simple. To drive forward you must click on the right side of the screen, and to drive back - left. Control the bike by using the accelerometer. It is unfortunate that the developers did not change the ability to fully push-button control, as in Gravity Defied, which many seem familiar.
Unlike other games of simulation is to motocross tracks various features and types of roads. There is a wood road, which can change its direction, platforms, lifts, lifting, or throws up us in the right place, curved roads and so on.
Physics in the game are very pleased with their realism, especially when the bike falls down badly. In this case, the bike breaks down into parts, and the rider can fly a few meters.

Features Stick Stunt Biker for Android:

  • Nice 2D-graphics;
  • Convenient control;
  • Good Game optimization (goes even on the weakest arm v6 devices);
  • 36 designed and high quality routes;
  • Repeated race your ghost appear from last attempt;
  • Several kinds of motorcycles.
Apparent deficiencies in the game, we have not found, is that the complexity of many may seem too high, but it is a matter of taste. Very nice, by the way, that the developers are actively developing and frequently update the game, adding new levels and correcting errors.
Summary. Stick Stunt Biker - is a realistic 2D-motocross for Android with good physics and designed levels. The game comes in two versions - free and paid. Free version contains only 20 of the 36 levels, as well as built-in banner ad at the top of the screen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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