The Time Machine
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The Time Machine
The Time Machine
The Time Machine
The Time Machine
The Time Machine
The Time Machine

Review The Time Machine

Evgenii Kostrov
The Time Machine - this is a very exciting adventure, there you will have to don the role of a young scientist and fix her teacher, because of which the whole world was on the brink of disaster. It all started with that one professor, George Eynvinu, managed to create a time machine. And it was quite natural desire to travel back in time, which he hastened to do.
During movement in space and time professor could not resist and made a number of harmless, as he thought, action, and that caused a chain of changes in human history, threatening its complete disappearance. This defies explanation, as a scientist, he just had to know about the so-called "butterfly effect", the essence of which is as follows: flap of a butterfly wing on one side of the globe can cause tsunamis are on the other side of the planet.
Yet something happened, what happened, and realized the magnitude of his mistake, George Eynvin broke down and committed suicide. Professor found dead by his young assistant Filby Young and, understanding the causes of the incident, decided to at least try to return to their seats. Basically, the main character does not interfere.
Time Machine, there are more or less tolerable working, but there is one thing: an old professor during his travels, not only to the history of mischief, but also lost some important parts in another time. By and large it will not cause problems when traveling to the past or the future, but to return to the present after each trip, need a certain precious stone, each of which has been lost and the old professor of traveling.
Of course, the question arises: "How, then, back to the present elderly scientist?". History is silent on this, but the fact remains. The game itself is made in the genre "I'm looking for", and to pass each level, you need to find a lot of different things to put everything in its place and restore history.


In total, the game includes 20 game scenes. It is also worth noting the excellent quality graphics, which is a rarity for such games, and great music, as to convey the atmosphere of events on the other side of the screen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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