Plag** - The Network
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Plag** - The Network
Plag** - The Network
Plag** - The Network
Plag** - The Network
Plag** - The Network
Plag** - The Network

Review Plag** - The Network

Jay Feldman
Noel concept, simple interface, minimalist design
Limited features, weak functionality, needs to be elaborated
I have often wondered if the social networking experience is akin to a virus taking over the minds, lucidity and humanity of its most strident users. Perhaps this is how the cyborgs take over; one mindless, self-indulgent post at a time. Well, now there's an app called Plag** - The Network which appears to be thinking along those same lines. The idea behind this one, is to pretend each useless tidbit of information presented is actually a virus that you spread from person to person with simple up and down swipes. And if all that sounds like fun to you, then perhaps you've played one too many zombie games.
Running with this modest premise, the app displays pictures, quotes and barely humorous posts on a single screen, and all you have to do is swipe up to "infect" 4 people in your geographic vicinity, or swipe down to skip the post entirely. Think of it as a modern day chain letter. The app uses your geographic location, so any virus posts you unleash will infect your local community. Did I miss the memo? Because I thought computer viruses were a bad thing.
The posts themselves are about as dumb and stupid as one might expect. Virtually none of the posts made me laugh, or even chuckle slightly. In fact, most of them are so stupid, that unleashing them on my local circle truly does feel like infecting people with a smarmy virus. Whatever is akin to covering my nose when I sneeze is the filter that should be applied to this dreck. Naturally, there's places to leave comments, and they're predictably even stupider than the actual posts.
Plag** - The Network is an utter waste of time and not the least bit funny. Once upon a time, stuff like this was called spam.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 7/10
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