Speedy Car - Endless Rush
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Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush
Speedy Car - Endless Rush

Review Speedy Car - Endless Rush

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, fun gameplay, easy controls
Rewards are a grind
Ever since Crossy Road hit the mobile market, developers have been quick to jump on the endless bandwagon and create something just like it. Where most are clones, Speedy Car - Endless Run for Android is something that is pretty unique in terms of how it plays and how it looks.
The game’s retro graphics are excellent, and as the scenery changes, the game just gets better looking over time. The animations are smooth, the vehicles and backgrounds have charm, and the overall game is visually impressive.
Gameplay is equally impressive. From the starting screen, you are instructed to tap the left and right directional buttons in order to accelerate and turn. This seems confusing, but you literally do just that. Hold down a direction in order to accelerate, and release the button in order to come to a stop. It’s weird at first, but it introduces a sense of strategy beyond just stopping and going.
You’ll make your way from intersection to intersection as you avoid intersecting traffic. You’ll also need to think beforehand in order to judge which lane you will need to be in to collect coins that can be used as upgrades. You can upgrade your speed, braking abilities, and your handling. Additionally, you can unlock newer cars with better stats as well. New cars are typically very expensive, however. The good thing is that the game actually rewards you for doing well. The further you get, the more coins are worth. Level 1 coins are individual coins, but level 3 coins are worth, well, 3 coins.
Speedy Car - Endless Run is a really fun game despite its terribly bland name. Gameplay is fun and fluid, and the game plays and runs gorgeously.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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