Call of Mini: Brawlers
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Call of Mini: Brawlers
Call of Mini: Brawlers
Call of Mini: Brawlers
Call of Mini: Brawlers
Call of Mini: Brawlers
Call of Mini: Brawlers

Review Call of Mini: Brawlers

Sergei Petrov
Call of Mini: Brawlers - a fun dynamic shooter for Android with incredibly simple controls and a complete lack of plot, except for a single message. Our goal is to heal the world from zombies, and, as experience has shown, the only effective means here - it is cutting off, otstrelivanie, cutting off his head!
Development of the game deals with the familiar studio Triniti Interactive Ltd, to create a fun and dynamic game with good graphics. The boys have found their style, producing quite successful game TinyLegends - Crazy Knight , in which we are exterminating with an ax different animals. After the game developers are using these graphical models with square heads in my game (example - Call of Mini: Double Shot ).


In the game developers did not deviate far from its mechanics, but moved the whole process kills pseudo 2D-view. That is, the graph is still 3D, but we can only move back and forth, using the arrows.
Attack we can either melee or shooting. Ranged weapons in the game are usually effective, but does not look as beautiful as if cut into zombies to pieces with a scalpel. The game is all right with the number of weapons, it is just ten, for every taste and color. Moreover, for each weapon, the developers painted original animation of how it shoots and works on zombies, for that special thank you.
Is there a story in the game? - No, there is not, in fact, the number of levels in the game completely unlimited, and they only differ in the number of sets and zombies coming at us from both sides.

Features Call of Mini: Brawlers for Android:

  • 5 unique characters;
  • A huge number of enemy zombies;
  • Endless levels;
  • More than 50 varieties of weapons;
  • Improved 3D-graphics and great animation.
The disadvantages include the game pretty strong uniformity, because the whole purpose of the game is to ensure to save up for a new gun and try it out. This quickly bored. The game also uses a fairly aggressive advertising, which in the beginning does not even click on the menu items. If you have any problems because of advertising, try turning off the Internet and restart the game.
Summary. Call of Mini: Brawlers - it's a good mindless action game for Android on a worn-out zombie theme. Very much that in his next game developers from Triniti Interactive has finally made an interesting story and present full levels, especially as the game engine has long been ready.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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