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Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker
Galaxy War Clicker

Review Galaxy War Clicker

Brandon Girod
Good UI, doesn’t overwhelm you with ads
Doesn’t farm while you’re gone, poor graphics, uninteresting upgrades
Clicker games are an odd genre because what makes a good clicker from a bad clicker seems mundane. In Galaxy War Clicker for Android, you’ll face an endless space adventure that pits you against an infinite amount of space squadrons to fight through. There are over 3000 levels, tons of tech to unlock, and every click brings you that much closer to your next upgrade.
Unfortunately, for this game, I didn’t really find the upgrades compelling, mostly because the required you to spend real money in order to unlock them. Things begin to look even more dire when you realize that you’ll literally be doing all of the clicking yourself, especially since the game doesn’t farm while you’re not on it. In that case, what’s the point?
What you’re faced with is you against another ship. Every click you make initiates an attack for x amount of damage. And you’ll get some coins for every kill which can be used to upgrade your ship’s firing power. Thus, you kill ships faster as you upgrade. Every now and then there is a boss that has a time attached to it. You must kill this boss before the time runs out. You can also purchase some ships that will automatically attack, but these are insanely expensive and offer little to the player. After the second upgrade, my second ship was doing 4 dps against ships with thousands of hitpoints.
Galaxy War Clicker is a bit of a disappointment. Sure, clickers aren’t known for being super in-depth, but considering you’re basically playing a glorified spreadsheet, you hope that the developers would give you more things to do than simply click the screen over and over again. There are plenty of great examples of games like Venture Capitalist that give the player a ton of things to manage. This game just doesn’t compete on that level.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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