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Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game

Paradise Island 2: Hotel GameParadise Island 2: Hotel GameParadise Island 2: Hotel GameParadise Island 2: Hotel Game


Jay Feldman
Posted: Jay FeldmanTested 10 Jun 2017 on Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6

Develop and evolve your own Club Med
Quality graphics, decent game play, simple controls
Too easy, very common, dependence on in-app purchases

Okay, clearly there's a bunch of gamers out there that are addicted to these carbon copy sim games, and no, I'm not one of them. I find these games to be deathly boring, monotonous and manipulative, with the only difference from one to the next, being a thinly veiled theme. Paradise Island 2 for Android is such a game, plopping your imaginary self onto a deserted island that apparently is booked with arriving visitors. That's one slick mouthed travel agent to send all these people to an island with no infrastructure, let alone hotels. But I digress.
Setting thin plot points aside, you are charged with developing and evolving your own idyllic paradise. To do that, you'll enlist the help of a virtual personal assistant who keeps you abreast of your guest's needs and desires. So you'll place structures, wait for build times, and perhaps spend more money on this game than you would on a vacation for yourself in the real world, which would just be a downright shame.
The graphics are actually quite nice, with lots of details to enjoy, and a summery color palate that invites one to take a dip, head first, into your screen; or at least that's how it made me feel, though perhaps I was just looking to escape this boring retread game. I mean, the play is ok, but is anyone really browsing the app store for mediocre games?
Paradise Island 2 is decent enough but brings virtually nothing new or novel to the table. If you're a diehard fan, then you'll probably love it. Personally, I was left wanting.
Final ratings
Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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