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Playmobil Pirates

Playmobil PiratesPlaymobil PiratesPlaymobil PiratesPlaymobil PiratesPlaymobil PiratesPlaymobil PiratesPlaymobil PiratesPlaymobil Pirates


Sergei Petrov
Posted: Sergei PetrovTested 02 Jul 2017 on HTC One

BETTER Pirate Island

Playmobil Pirates - an exciting game for Android, combining such genres as social strategy and arcade. In this game we have to help build a pirate captain island, create your own team of sailors and commanders and capture all of the islands that are in the vicinity.
Engaged in developing a game studio Playmobil with support from Gameloft, so understanding of the character of this game is quite simple. We have surveyed a lot of games from Gameloft in the genre, among which are the Cosmic Colony and Kingdoms & Lords . This recipe is simple - beautiful graphics, simple controls, the ability to communicate with other players and a few arcade elements.


In the beginning we suffer shipwreck and get on a desert island. Together with the surviving team, we have to start a new life and regain its former influence and power that we have selected with the ship and treasure.
To understand all the basics of Playmobil Pirates, simply follow the training and accomplish quests, icons are located at the left edge of the display. As experienced builders used by pirates, which can be found in the tavern. Each character has a distinct appearance and character, which also affects the utility in a particular field.
Rebuild our village can not only on the main island and the neighboring islands. For that we have to take them by ship and crew desperadoes. For entertainment, we can take part in exciting sea skirmishes with the enemy ships and sea creatures. The game also has a few fun mini-games to collect coins.

Features Playmobil Pirates for Android:

  • Bright modern graphics;
  • Great animation and detail of characters;
  • A large number of buildings, improvements, ships, islands and other parts;
  • Interesting quests with ridiculous dialogue;
  • Ability to communicate and share experiences with other players.
The main drawback of all these games is the system of in-game purchases, which has not bypassed and Playmobil Pirates. It should say that Gameloft always stands out greed. So, after an hour of play, your resources will come to an end and you will be encouraged to spend a few dollars on the game to buy them. Of course, to make resources in the game can do without money, but you need a lot of time and effort.


Playmobil Pirates - is an exciting strategic social game for Android with stunning graphics and exciting arcade inserts. If you do not mind a model free2play, it's best entertainment for the evening and you can imagine.
Final ratings
Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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