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Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World
Lep's World

Review Lep's World

Jay Feldman
Funny sounds, decent graphics, responsive controls
Is lagging, very common, low quality animation
Lep's World for Android is essentially St. Patty’s day Super Mario Brothers, but this time, starring a leprechaun instead of a couple Italian goombahs.
Lep's World has a retro feel to it. This one isn't even trying to hide the fact that it’s a Mario Brother’s clone. The game presentation is basically identical, right down to their own version of annoying MIDI music. Like Mario, Lep is a side scrolling game and you just run about, collecting coins, smashing blocks and tossing pine cones at turtles and other weird crawly creatures. The worlds are very comic book and entertaining. And it appears there are a lot of levels to conquer, though the game doesn't actually display a list of them all.
The controls are very responsive and simple; just left and right arrows to move and a jump button. Oh, and when you collect enough pine cones, there’s a button so you can hurl them at enemies. The pace is decent. The music is appropriately annoying after about 3 minutes, and the reaction times are good. The jump button also has a long press feature that makes you jump even higher.
The game isn't difficult, just perhaps monotonous; though I may have just gotten my fill on games like this back when Mario first came out. It all feels a little repetitive and uninteresting to me. However, fans of this genre of play will love the familiarity. It’s a very authentic feeling throwback in both presentation and play.
Lep's World is a perfectly competent game. I think kids will love it, mostly because they have not yet been bored to tears by this type of game. For those of us that have reached our saturation point, there’s really nothing new or innovative here. I think it’s fine to make a throwback style game, but it still has to be inspired; not just dead tired.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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