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Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump
Lamp Jump

Review Lamp Jump

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, solid atmosphere
Spotty hitboxes, no rewards, issues logging into play games
Lamp Jump for Android is a generic wall jumper that looks great on the outside, but has a bit of trouble opening up to show any personality once you dig any deeper. Unfortunately for this game, digging deeper just means opening the game up and playing through it a few times.
My first bad experience with the game occurred right out of the gate. Logging into Play Games didn’t work and I was stuck in a loading screen forever. This meant that I had to cancel the sign-in, restart the game, and avoid in when I booted the game up again. There were several Play Store reviews stating that they couldn’t get the game to load, and I’m guessing this is why. From an outside perspective, it’s hard to tell who’s at fault here, but Play Games worked just fine on the other games I reviewed today. Just saying.
The game itself is about an inch deep, if that. You have one individual character, and you can jump from one side of the screen to the next. The character has an odd light that glows above its head and this really messes with the player’s senses because it’s difficult to determine the character hitbox. There were times when the light was touching a gear and I’d be fine, and other times I’d just flat out die.
Gears, by the way, are things you want to avoid in this game. Tapping the screen will cause the character to jump to the other wall, but you want to make sure you’re jumping to a safe spot. Jump on a gear and you’re done for.
Lamp Jump doesn’t have any rewards, there is nothing to pick up, and a lone leaderboard is the only reason to keep playing the game. Unfortunately, the lack of rewards and the spotty hitbox just makes the game frustrating.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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