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Forest Home
Forest Home
Forest Home
Forest Home
Forest Home
Forest Home
Forest Home
Forest Home

Review Forest Home

Brandon Girod
Cute graphics, nonintrusive gameplay, tons of levels
Hundreds of levels are locked behind a paywall
If I have one weakness, it's having cute animals thrown in my face. I may be male, but no one who is a decent human being can resist cute forest animals. Forest Home or Android is a puzzle game that challenges players to drawing out unique paths throughout various levels for multiple characters so they can all get home safely.
The game is free-to-play, but there is definitely a caveat to that. What you're getting for free are 90 very kid-friendly levels. And by kid-friendly, I mean that they take seconds to complete while the difficulty curve doesn't seem to rise at any noticeable rate. These kid-friendly levels consist of 4x4 grids where you'll have two or three animals that have start and end points. Your job is to draw a unique path for each of them so they can all get home.
Now, I might have lied slightly because the game also gave me another free pack of levels, but this deal seemed like a limited time offer. In this pack the grid was 5x5 and more in line with what an adult might find fun. Levels were still solved fairly quickly, but some made me stop and think for a second. It's just the type of gameplay you want to experience when playing a game like this.
Honestly, there was nothing overwhelmingly negative or offensive about this game. I didn't really notice any of the ads that the game served up, and nothing was what I would call intrusive.
Forest Home is exactly the type of puzzle I know I could give my kid and have them be entertained for hours. The game doesn't serve up any shady ads, but it does feature more packs that can be purchased, so you'll need to make sure your child knows not to buy them unless they have your permission.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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