LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy
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LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy
LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy
LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy
LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy
LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy
LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy

Review LEGO® City Fire Hose Frenzy

Sergei Petrov
LEGO ® City Fire Hose Frenzy - this is a very bright and fun arcade simulator firefighter for Android-devices, made ​​in the popular universe of designers LEGO. All the world and all things in this game are made up of recognizable forms of plastic, and the chief firefighter and did the same, as in selling designers.
Engaged in the development of the game, oddly enough, the studio LEGO Group, who had already released several successful and successful arcade games. It is worth noting that in addition to their games, the company allows and independent studios to release the game on the Universe LEGO. For example, we have surveyed our online action game LEGO ® HeroFactory Brain Attack .


Mechanics of the game is quite simple, we have a fire hose from which water flows with a certain force. Under the influence of the laws of physics, after a certain distance, the jet begins to bend. This property we will use in the game to extinguish directly inaccessible objects.
The game has quite a large variety of situations, here and extinguishing small houses, and fire wood, and quenching towers and helicopter water dropping. For each case, provided their management, which reduces simply to move the hose, and the movement of the helicopter ladders.
The strength of the game - it is very bright and luscious graphics, where everything is made out of blocks LEGO, even fire and the flames are displayed in a fast-plastic items.
The main difficulty levels of the game is that we must simultaneously manage the hose, as well as the position of firefighter. On some jobs will be on more than one object that we have put out in no time. Also, make your way to the flame, it is necessary to break the walls, boxes and other obstacles.

Features LEGO ® City Fire Hose Frenzy for Android:

  • The bright stylized graphics;
  • Easy management;
  • Diverse gameplay;
  • 20 levels.
The main drawback of the game we can call a small number of levels and their relative simplicity. All 20 levels of walking for 30-60 minutes, and it's pretty fast. But if we take into account the fact that the game is completely free and does not contain any advertising, it's just a great gift for lovers of quality arcade, children and fans of LEGO.
Summary. LEGO ® City Fire Hose Frenzy - this is a very high quality arcade game for Android, with a soul made especially for those who love or once loved designer LEGO.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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