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Sergei Petrov
UNIFIGHT - a colorful action-packed fighting game on the subject of martial arts, made ​​in 3D-format. The game has pretty good graphics and great animation, in addition, a single game is accompanied by a plot inserts and dialogue.
Engaged in developing a game studio MegaFon, which is a representative of one of the largest mobile operators in Russia. The game was released exclusively for advertising World Summer Universiade 2013 to be held in Kazan.


The main character in the game - white leopard, is the official symbol of the Universiade and the plot he must win the 5th enemies, and fight the main boss to give a start to the competition.
All the game has 6 characters, for which you can play, among them are: leopard, panda, wolf, tiger, kangaroo, and orangutan. Each character is open and available for selection at the moment, when you do win in a fair fight.
If we consider the mechanics, the game is seriously behind other fighting games. If you want to see a serious fight, with bundles of strikes and other bonuses, it is recommended to pay attention to the Touch Fighter .
Control of the game by using the joystick and three buttons. One button is responsible for the punch, the second - for the kick, and the third button places the unit. Attention is drawn to the fact that each character has their own parameters of force, security and speed. Leopard strikes can be very fast and accurate, but weak, but the Panda beats strongly and on the spot, but it spends too much energy, which is reduced slowly.
Combinations of punches in the game there are no, but some combination of arrows and blows still have their tricks. For example, we can strike from the air, making cuttings, strong aftershocks and a host of other techniques that you first need to rehearse in the training mode.

Features UNIFIGHT for Android:

  • 6 unique characters;
  • Three game modes (Championship, free fighting, survival);
  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Easy management;
  • Free and without advertising.
Summary. UNIFIGHT - this is a very simple and primitive 3D-fighting game for Android, which is quite amiss, given the huge deficit in this genre. During the game, we did not leave the constant feeling that the developers can do better, then the product would get a different level, but apparently did not have enough money, desire or all at once.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Vlad Popa
I'm afraid I will need more details if I am to provide an answer.
Please describe the issue with as much detail as possible, as it is impossible to tell from your comment. Also mention your device model and OS version so the information I provide is as accurate as possible.
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