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Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now
Kill Zombies Now

Review Kill Zombies Now

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot
Not interesting game play, low quality graphics, low quality animation
Kill Zombies Now for Android is a simple shooter with gratuitous blood and straightforward play. It's mildly interesting, but ultimately one dimensional and flat.
Kill Zombies Now lays all its cards on the table right from the get-go. There's a busty chick behind a barricade and a crowd of approaching zombies. Blast your gun, kill zombies and spill gratuitous blood. The action has some intrigue but the game ultimately has little variance. There's an array of different weaponry, including a knife if you're the type who likes to get up close and look zombies square in their undead eyes while you slaughter them. That's basically the whole game in a nutshell; not much changes from one level to the next.
The controls aren't great; just tap to fire. However, it feels like every other tap is skipped and the bullets are sluggish. The graphics are decent but unrefined, and the animation is choppy. There's different kinds of creepy crawly zombies and the blood is gratuitous, with lots of big red splats. Weapons can be upgraded, with the bazooka and grenade launcher sorta thing being the funnest to play with.
Kill Zombies Now will surely be beloved by fans who love to kill the undead. I think the game has some potential but needs a lot more refinement to really hold its own in today's market.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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