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Cake Invader
Cake Invader
Cake Invader
Cake Invader
Cake Invader
Cake Invader
Cake Invader
Cake Invader

Review Cake Invader

Brandon Girod
Easy controls, features multiple characters
The game is difficult right off the bat, upgrades are expensive, the aesthetic feels off
Space is being invaded, or is it cakes? Oh! It’s cake monsters invading Earth! Not that it matters much, the premise for Cake Invader for Android only exists for the sake of the game. You’ll never actually spend any time considering the game’s lack of plot, it’s all about the gameplay.
Much like other “invader” games, this one is a shoot’em up, which means you’ll spend a lot of time shooting things. Cakes, in this case. There is something a bit off about this game’s aesthetic, though. I can’t really place my finger on it, but it gives the game a cheap feeling. The screenshots look pretty decent, but the animation just feels a bit awkward.
The shooting mechanics are totally fine, though. You’ll drag your space guy across the screen as he/she blasts away glob of cake monsters. The invaders explode into mini cakes that you’ll collect in order to upgrade your ship. Ship upgrades are pretty expensive, so you’ll find yourself on several kamikaze missions where you’ll simply die trying to collect a cake that gives you a decent amount of currency to upgrade your ship.
The biggest downside is that the game balances the gameplay poorly right off the bat. Starting off, you’ll be too weak to destroy any of the enemies in an appropriate amount of time, so you’re stuck dodging the faster ones while you try and shoot down the slower moving ones. Even after your first upgrade, things don’t really change much, and you’ll find yourself always feeling a step behind.
There are a decent amount of enemies and bosses to play through, but like most endless games, you’ll find that having to replay the same bosses gets old fast.
Cake Invader is an endless space shooter that takes a lot of shortcuts. There are a lot of ads, animation feels off, and upgrading your ship is a huge grind.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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