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Touch Fighter
Touch Fighter
Touch Fighter
Touch Fighter
Touch Fighter
Touch Fighter
Touch Fighter

Review Touch Fighter

Sergei Blyudov
Touch Fighter - this is a very colorful and dynamic fighting game for Android, which is striking in its detailed graphics and deep enough geimpleem with combinations and super hits. Among the features of the game you can also highlight what you can and play online with friends or random players. There is only one major drawback: the game is entirely in Korean, but if you wholeheartedly enjoy quality fighting game, this should not stop you.
Development of the game deals with the Korean studio WeMade Entertainment. On account of the developers already have some very successful online games that are developed specifically for users chat KakaoTalk. Accordingly, in order to play Touch Fighter, we will also install additional software, register, and this is not the most difficult, what awaits us.

How to install the game?

We first need to download and install the file play, which you can download from our website or store Google Play. After installation, the game will now start automatically download cache. The strip is filled with jerks, so at some points, it would seem that the game just freezes, in fact it is not, you just have to wait.
Now that the game is installed, the display will not clear the yellow button with a Korean label. Go through it and hit the bottom line, which is translated in our Google Play to install KakaoTalk. Also, you can download it from our website or install advance by going to the link.
Check in KakaoTalk and re run the game, press the yellow button, enter the email and password, and then finally get to the welcome interface of the game. Do not be afraid of Korean language, better remember the golden rule of the interfaces of all games: the biggest and brightest button always leads to the start of the game. Do it, click on the largest button, then again, choose your character and start the game.


Management in Touch Fighter is based on the joystick to move the left side of the display inside the copy-and three buttons on the right to attack. The combination of buttons allows you to perform various super attacks and combos. In terms of fighting game is great and even reminds Tekken dynamics and atmosphere.
If only the developers turned the game at least in English, then we would appear indisputable masterpiece. So if you like the game, do not be lazy to go to a game page in Google Play and write something like "Please, add english and russian languages!".
Summary. Touch Fighter - this is a very bright and exciting online fighting game for Android, which currently has about 5 million Koreans. Find a worthy opponent is very easy, but that's to understand the Korean interface - the main problem of this great game!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 4/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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How do i exactly play online
Good but i do not have kakao can i do?
can you share any link for file play ??
can you share any link for file play ??18 Apr 2013, at 11:37
can you share any link for file play ??
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