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Tower Raiders 3
Tower Raiders 3
Tower Raiders 3
Tower Raiders 3
Tower Raiders 3
Tower Raiders 3
Tower Raiders 3

Review Tower Raiders 3

Sergei Petrov
Tower Raiders 3 - this is the third part of one of the most balanced and interesting games in the genre of Tower Defense for Android. In this part of the battle between the monsters and towers become the new three-dimensional measurement, where each level can be rotated almost 360 degrees. The use of this concept, we have already seen in the game Beat the Beast .
Engaged in developing a game studio Gianormous Games, which can be called an expert in Tower Defense. The third part of the game developers were able to achieve an even greater depth the process and create amazing in structure volume levels.


To understand that this game has to be done fairly easily, especially if you've played before at least once in the genre TD. The only difference here is that the resources to build the guns we are producing not with monsters (which they take?), And with a special matter that needs to be collected, using the workers.
To send workers to the resource, you need to click on it and then click on the icon next to the resource. Depends on the type of work that the speed with which it will bring life to the base. A complete set of working, we will deal directly with the beginning of each level.
For the construction of the tower you must click on the free space and select the desired type. In the beginning we will be available to the machine gun, laser and gun. As you progress through the game, we will open new and existing buildings to pump characteristics. Each tower, we can further improve up to a few times. It should also pay attention to the distance of a shot, and then, against whom this gun is most effective impact.
Going through the monsters will try to capture your work and take them to his lair, respectively first they reach them, grabbed his teeth and pulling back. During this time, we have to stop them and not allow them to reach their goal. The loss of this is equivalent to losing, because immediately and significantly slowed harvesting.

Features Tower Raiders 3 for Android:

  • Improved 3D-graphics with the ability to fully control the camera view;
  • Many unique towers with the ability to improve and buy upgrades;
  • Bleeding the additional skills and a set of commands in between missions;
  • A large number of unique levels;
  • Time can be accelerated.
The disadvantages of the game include the font chosen disgusting and illogical interface. Press and miss, selecting the wrong item, it is very easy. In addition, management review also made very uncomfortable. I would also like to note slight braking (on Samsung Galaxy S III), is formed when a large crowd of monsters.
Summary. Tower Raiders 3 - is a very addictive and fun game for Android in the genre of Tower Defense. If you like this genre, you just do not have the right pass of the game, which, by the way, you can play as absolutely free of advertising, and buying the full version for $ 5.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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