Meet the Doodle Cat
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Meet the Doodle Cat
Meet the Doodle Cat
Meet the Doodle Cat
Meet the Doodle Cat
Meet the Doodle Cat

Review Meet the Doodle Cat

Sergei Petrov
Meet the Doodle Cat - this is an interesting and very unusual game for Android, in which we will create a unique world around us for a fun cat. This game will be difficult to attribute to any genre, but if you do it, the game is the closest thing to puzzles.
Development of the game deals with the Russian-language studio Group. Accordingly, the game itself is translated into Russian and English. Games on Russian postal service far - not uncommon in our website we have surveyed the Juggernaut (RPG, turn-based strategy) and " Crouching Panda moose "(online arena).


In this game we have to master the real art of mixing and new objects. In the beginning, we only have two cats word "Meow" and "Murr." Mix them, we get a ball of yarn with which our cat will be fun to play. Then again, you can mix the "Meow" to "meow" or "Murr" to "tangle", etc. In all these cases, there will be new items are entered into our database.
Once the item is received, we can invoke it from a special menu, no longer having to create it, just tick the items disclosed, and they immediately appear on the board. Almost every subject our cat can interact and make it very active and fun. The main thing - do not forget that the point of the game is precisely to bring a cat treat.
As a result of mixing things can get flowers, trees, mice, sheep, rabbits, brush, fences, etc. All in the game 60 types of items that are fun and exciting to discover. If you can not come up with a new item, you can use the tips by clicking on the light bulb in the left corner of the display. But note that only 5 free tips, whereas the other will have to pay.

Features Meet the Doodle Cat for Android:

  • Stylized pencil sketch drawing;
  • Interesting gameplay in the genre;
  • 60 unique items;
  • Funny protagonist of the game - "Kotukhov."
The disadvantages of the game is the absence of a plot and narrative, the whole process is limited only by your imagination: how to apply the items, and what else to do interesting things with the cat.
Summary. Meet the Doodle Cat - this is a fun and easy to learn puzzle arcade game that is fun for both adults and children. Distributed game for free, and make developers selling tips for mixing items.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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Fusion Twin
Please put it back on we need it,this game was really fun n creative why the heck you guys delete it WHY!!
Why was this game deleted I loved this game and you please put it back on??
Tariq Abdulla
sorry, we don't have any control over the apps we review
I loved this game. Why was it deleted?
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