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Orbits ™
Orbits ™
Orbits ™
Orbits ™
Orbits ™
Orbits ™
Orbits ™

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Brandon Girod
Awesome aesthetic, fun gameplay, responsive controls
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I feel like it's been a rough ride but one-touch, timekillers are really starting to reach a point where they're really getting into a good rhythm. Not every developer is still knocking them out of the park, but games like Orbits for Android are great examples of ones that are. In this game, you'll guide a ball through various orbits until it reaches its final destination.
Now this game isn't an endless in that it requires you to just rack up a high score. In fact, there is nothing even remotely close to that in this game. Instead, each level is pre-built, by hand, and progressive. You'll start off in a category called orbits and move on to one called tricky. From there things just get more, well, tricky.
In the beginning levels are fairly simple. Tapping the screen will change whether your ball is orbiting inside the orbit or outside. This is important because you'll eventually be avoiding obstacles. In the beginning you're just trying to move from one orbit to the next, and you'll do this by tapping on the screen right as the ball hits a single intersection between two orbits. From there you'll just bounce from one orbit to the next until you get to where you need to go.
As you move further into the game, you'll notice that you really need to be nimble with your finger because you'll be avoiding spikes that could end your life prematurely. Levels also become less linear as the game progresses. You'll eventually end up where you'll just be dropped at a point and you need to collect all of the "goals" in order to unlock an "exit."
Overall, Orbit is a very shiny gem in an ocean of "me too" games, and it really shows how far these timekiller games are coming.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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