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Review Snapi

Jay Feldman
It's cool, interesting functionality, simple design
Limited features, needs to be elaborated, lags a bit
Snapi for Android is one of the coolest photo apps I've personally tried. Why? Because it uses hand gestures to activate the shutter. Yup, hand gestures. So if you've ever wanted to take a selfie farther away than arm's reach, and setting the countdown timer and running into frame is just too ordinary for you, then perhaps you should give Snapi a whirl.
The app works best with the front facing camera because you can see yourself in the frame while taking a selfie. It also works with the rear facing camera, but naturally, you either won't be able to see the visual feedback onscreen, or someone will have to operate the camera, at which point, they may as well just shoot the picture manually without the hand gestures. Either way, to make the magic happen, all you need to do is raise your hand up like you're going to high-five someone. The app will register your hand gesture and show an icon of an open hand, and once you see that, just close your hand to make a fist. From there, the app's countdown timer kicks in and displays onscreen, letting you know how much time you have before the pic is snapped. No, it doesn't always work the first time, but it does work. In fact, it even works with a picture or drawing of an open hand and a closed fist, though it's trickier to make it work.
Snapi certainly isn't the be all end all photography app, however, the functionality is novel, cool and fun enough to try at least a few times.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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