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Epic Evil Twins
Epic Evil Twins
Epic Evil Twins
Epic Evil Twins
Epic Evil Twins
Epic Evil Twins
Epic Evil Twins

Review Epic Evil Twins

Sergei Petrov
Epic Evil Twins - it's fun and simple action game for Android, you can play as one, and together with friends in cooperative mode (up to three). In this game we will move on many streets, killing evil crowd and sometimes armed zombies.
Engaged in developing a game studio Evil Labs. The game was made as a support for a variety of products: sweets, toys and other goods to the United States. Despite the focus of the advertising, the developers managed to create quite a fun game in which you can be happy to spend a few hours.


Most of the game like the old games and action games like Double Dragon with prefixes Dendy. We go right along the wide street, where at us from all sides will attack zombies. As the weapons we use shotguns, grenades, lasers and many other weapons that can be found on the streets, smashing boxes, cans and other objects.
Movement in the game by using a virtual joystick, which is located in the lower right corner. The left hand is the fire button and the button with additional abilities. Sight in Epic Evil Twins as such, no, we just have to get up in front of zombies, and turn to face him, and then you can press the attack.
Main feature of the game is that the pass game we will not be alone, but together with a partner. Initially, it will be two best friends, the red man - Cherry and yellow - Lemon. During the game we will be able to open 6 additional characters. Each character has their own specific super powers. For example, Cherry can create protective dome that heals and revives allies.

Features Epic Evil Twins for Android:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Easy management;
  • The possibility of pumping and purchase of weapons (over 10 varieties);
  • Each character has unique skills;
  • A variety of enemies;
  • Multiple game modes;
  • NSA (up to three), or player versus player mode.
The disadvantages include the game is not the best sound, and the fact that to find live players for online is virtually impossible. We hope that the latter problem is temporary, because the potential of the game is revealed in multiplayer.
Summary. Epic Evil Twins - it's fascinating, but rather average in terms of quality shooter for Android, which is perfect for multiplayer co-op games with friends or random players from the network.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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