Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
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Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Review Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Sergei Petrov
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD - it is a beautiful game in terms of graphics in the genre of Tower Offensive for Android. This genre can be described as a look of the attack in Tower Defense. That is, there is we have to get through from point A to point B, destroying enemy towers along the way.
Engaged in developing a game studio 11 bit, which we know from such masterpieces as Sleepwalker `s Journey and Funky Smugglers . All games studios differ simply impeccable quality graphics and responsible approach to geimpleyu similar effort in terms of development is extremely rare. A game like Anomaly Warzone Earth HD and did forced to buy more powerful smartphones and tablets.


The plot of the game takes place on the ground at the start of an unexpected alien capture. Half of the earth plunged into darkness flame and destruction, we in turn are obliged to give all people a second chance and try to repel the invaders.
The game Anomaly Warzone Earth HD we have no advantage in terms of power or other military weapons. Moreover, we will be playing for one small column of troops, and we will act against hundreds of the most powerful installations and defense bases. All that remains with us - is tactics!
The game consists of two main stages. The first stage - planning strategy just before the movement of the column. Here we have to do manually to make the best route to achieve this goal. Further, when the route is made, we move directly to the fighting, and our convoy starts moving.
At the stage of attack we should support our troops, repairing vehicles, increasing briefly attack and demoralize the enemy. To do this, we will use the short-term bonuses, which are applied in a certain circular area. Bonus amount is strictly limited and are replenished as killing enemies and help from the sky (in the form of falling boxes).

Features Anomaly Warzone Earth HD for Android:

  • Improved 3D-graphics with excellent animation and a lot of effects;
  • Interesting and complete story campaign;
  • A variety of missions;
  • Deep tactical options;
  • Easy management;
  • Quality and atmospheric soundtrack.
The only drawback we have found is that the game is too short. Still 4:00 passage of campaign pass almost unnoticed, but we can advise you to try other modes and increase the complexity of the game.
Summary. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD - this is a very high quality and interesting strategy for Android-based smartphones and tablets. And let the high price of $ 4 Do not be fooled, this game fulfills its value by 100%. For this game has already gone sequel called Anomaly Korea . We also recommend to look to it, is a direct continuation of the game (independent in terms of plot.)

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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