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Little things forever
Little things forever
Little things forever
Little things forever
Little things forever
Little things forever
Little things forever

Review Little things forever

Sergei Petrov
Little things forever - it's very bright and memorable game in the genre of "hidden object" for Android. Unlike its competitors, which typically combine the quest and puzzles here to torment us nothing else will not only search for items, only hardcore!
Engaged in developing a game studio KickTock, and this is their first game for Android, which has already set up to receive this positive feedback on the platform iOS. The game boasts a very nice graphics and balanced difficulty levels.


The game at a glance captivates its very vibrant atmosphere and unusual realization that we see before us is an object, for example, an owl, and an increase is found, it is made of hundreds of small items.
Our task is to find an owl in a few more items on the names, which are listed in the upper right corner. Fortunately, the game has a full translation into several languages, including Russian, and we will not have to burden themselves with the translation of words.
The game itself almost immediately and consists of a sequence of levels with increasing complexity and number of items that must be found. If at some point we get stuck, we have an opportunity to call a hint to highlight the approximate area where the subject.
All in the game nine large objects (rooms), in which we will collect items. The very same collection of objects has more than 100 names, and each time they are generated randomly. With each item level becomes larger, and they are reduced. The first room, in which we will collect items, depicted as an owl, followed by a dinosaur, and then again an owl. Rooms are sometimes repeated, but the difficulty of the game is sure to increase. Thus, in the Little things forever infinite number of levels!

Features Little things forever for Android:

  • 9 fascinating rooms;
  • More than 100 items;
  • An infinite number of levels;
  • Bright and colorful graphics;
  • Easy and intuitive (click fingers at objects);
  • Relaxing soundtrack;
  • Able to call help.
Summary. Little things forever - it is a beautiful and exciting game about the search of small objects in one big. We could not find fault, everything looks very harmoniously and holistically. If you're a fan of the genre "search objects" on android, we strongly recommend you this game is all it is and without any troubles in the form of stories and background.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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