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Review HellyBelly

Sergei Petrov
HellyBelly - it is very easy to use and fun arcade game for Android in the delicate subject. In this game we are going to manage a man who suddenly very much wanted to use the toilet. Similar situations have occurred at least once in one's life, and as well as being next to a toilet, and if it is not? Then you have a very fast pace to look for him, swiftly and without hesitation.
Development of the game deals with a little-known Korean studio Mobidix-Games. The game has a full translation into English, but for some reason when installing itself on the desktop icon written incomprehensible Korean characters. Developers to forgive this little mistake, because in the very icon even understand what this game.


In general, Koreans - very funny people, just so could beat this unenviable situation. We will be using a virtual joystick to control the movement of a person who needs to quickly get to the toilet and in the process to collect as many bonus coins, toilet paper and other attributes.
That game did not seem much simpler, on the way we will always come across pedestrians who need to be round. If we encounter someone, then immediately fall, and then to re-dial and oklemavshis usual running speed, you will need to do or rotational movement up and down the right button.
Each level in the game is a small section of the street, and farther away, the street becomes more and then turns and does a quarter. In addition, on some level, we must first find the toilet paper, and then to her race at all stages to the toilet.

Features HellyBelly for Android:

  • Colorful graphics;
  • Convenient control;
  • Several different characters;
  • A large number of levels with increasing difficulty;
  • Pumping characteristics of the character;
  • Lots of interesting bonuses.
The disadvantages include the game enough hype, which is kind of a payment for a free game. If you want you can buy the full version for 30 rubles, in which there will be no advertising.
Summary. HellyBelly - is a fun free arcade game for Android, with beautiful graphics and simple gameplay. The only thing that can be confusing, so it is the orientation of the game to the Korean market, and consequently, many jokes are incomprehensible to us, but in reality this is nothing serious.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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